The five attractions that make London an Adventure

Summer is soon coming to a close, and numerous cities are being visited just in time before the winter season. London is no exception, and yet unlike some other destinations, it still manages to draw a crowd of tourists, even in the winter months. From the cool colours at the city’s parks, from vivid greens to warm coppers, golds russet reds, the parks become endearingly inviting.

This beautiful display of colours forms part of the reason why people still travel to the city in October. Besides, this month usually means a half term break for school children across Europe, which gives families an extra incentive to take the opportunity to do some travelling. Not to mention, hotels like the Shaftesbury Hyde Park offer great discounts during this period as well Hotel Rewards Programs.

October Events

The highlight event during October in London is the Restaurant Festival ­– which offers unique one-off menus and food-themed events. Along with that theme, visitors can also enjoy the London Cocktail Week, which provides a variety of drink-tasting mini events, along with the opportunity to meet new people. If you’re looking for something sweet, then the deliciously appetising Chocolate show is the UK’s biggest chocolate celebration.


The Museums

This October, the Science Museum will be opening a new permanent interactive gallery, dubbed WonderLab: The Statoil Gallery. It takes visitors on an unparalleled exploration into the wonders of science. Besides that, Halloween is celebrated in London at the end of October with great pomp. Other great museums in the city include the National History Museum, the TATE Gallery, the Science Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. It just makes more sense to discover these indoor attractions in the winter.

Why you should visit

So book your stay in London this season, and explore everything that it has to offer. You won’t regret your choice, considering the amount of museums and October events. Winter some might argue, is in the way a better time to visit London. After all, prices for hotels and flights are lower, and the city is a little less busy.

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