An Essential Guide to Explore the Charm of London’s Kensington Area

If you’re looking to explore the fascinating Kensington area of London, there is a wealth of destinations for you to admire and love! From the Museum Mile to royal palaces and gardens, here’s a list of some of the best things to do in Kensington that you should not miss!

Kensington Gardens

Covering a whopping 265 acres, exploring the expansive Kensington Gardens is always worthwhile. The historic tree venues and the blossoming flower walks are sure to leave you awe-inspired. As you wander through the park, discover world-famous landmarks, including the iconic Albert Memorial and the Italian Gardens. If you’re travelling with kids, the Diana Memorial Playground, with a massive wooden pirate ship is sure to awe-inspire the little visitors! Become a Premier Inn Rewards Club member today and make the most of your London holiday with special discounts and offers on 5-star hotel stays. Join now and reserve a luxurious stay in prime city locations with exclusive privileges!

Museums in South Kensington

South Kensington is home to three world-famous museums including the Science Museum, the National History Museum, and the V&A. All three museums are set within a few miles of each other and are as interesting and iconic from outside as they are from inside. The museums are free to enter and make for the perfect family adventure in the city, steps away from your luxury accommodation in Kensington!

  • Learn about the history of life on Earth, from insects to the largest mammals at the National History Museum. Take a museum tour and see some of the most renowned exhibits including dinosaurs and whales.
  • If you love science, discover iconic scientific objects and award-winning exhibitions at the Science Museum for an experience to remember.
  • Start your day right with a sumptuous meal at the Hyde Park Hotel restaurant and explore the world’s leading museum of design and art with a treasure trove of objects! The Victoria and Albert Museum is known to host the most stellar lineup of temporary exhibitions that you can attend and make memories!

Kensington Palace

Take the time to explore the childhood home of Queen Victoria and young royals since the 17th century. Head in for a regal experience as you walk in the footsteps of royalty with enchanting re-imagined rooms from Queen Victoria’s childhood, the legendary King’s State and Queen’s State Apartments. Make sure to take a stroll around the Sunken Gardens which offers views of the ornamental flower beds, a tranquil pond and a statue of the Princess of Wales and conclude your day with some delectable seasonal food at The Grand Restaurant Paddington.

Kyoto Garden

Nestled in the heart of the urban sprawl of London, you’ll find a beautiful Japanese garden with a tiered waterfall at its centre, lanterns made of stone and a pond full of Koi carp! You’ll find Kyoto Gardens within a 22-acre Holland Park, which is a haven for peace if you’re looking to take some time off the buzz of the city!

Whether you’re planning to visit London for a few days or an extended stay, exploring the charm of Kensington is a must!

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