Discover the Most Essential Displays at the British Museum

Words can’t do justice to London’s rich history and cultural treasures for its visitors.  So, here’s calling all history buffs and art lovers to the incredible British Museum, moments away from the comfort of luxury accommodations in Kensington, London.

An unquestionably worthy addition to your London must-see list, this museum is home to a jaw-dropping collection of over eight million objects from around the world. From ancient Egypt to modern Britain, you can see it all here. Here we help you guide exactly where to head when you are at this legendary museum (thank us later!)

  1. Rosetta Stone

Do Egyptian history and the afterlife theories fascinate you? If yes, make sure to add this one to your exploration.

The Rosetta Stone is a large, black stone slab that is one of the most famous objects in the British Museum. It is inscribed with a decree or in simple words, an official order written in three different languages: Hieroglyphs, Demotic, and Greek.

The decree was issued in 196 BC by Ptolemy V, the king of Egypt and is about 2000 years old today! The text celebrates his coronation and has helped scholars from all over the world to finally decipher hieroglyphs, an unsolved mystery for centuries.

The legendary British Museum is definitely a great place to explore by yourself or with kids and family. Each of the exhibits at the museum is backed by a thought-provoking story. So, witness it all and call it a day with a delicious dinner at the Grand Restaurant in Paddington nearby.

  1. Sophilos Vase

Explore this masterpiece of black figure poetry and get acquainted with Greek art and culture.

The Sophilos Vase is a magnificent ancient Greek wine bowl and stand, made in Athens around 580 BC. Named after its artist, the vase is decorated with scenes from Greek mythology, including the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the parents of the war hero Achilles. The black figures are painted on a beautiful light-coloured background and the decoration depicts a variety of mythological figures, including gods, goddesses, heroes, and animals.

  1. The Parthenon Sculptures

Fuel yourself at the start of the day with a hearty breakfast at the Hyde Park Hotel restaurant and get exploring the Golden Age of Greece with the Parthenon Sculptures at the British Museum. This collection of ancient Greek sculptures created in the 5th century BC adorned the Parthenon, a temple on the Acropolis of Athens. The pediments (the triangular structures on top of the temple) and metopes (carved panels) illustrate episodes from Greek mythology, while the frieze represents the people of Athens in a religious procession.

4. Tree of Life

Another amazing exhibit at the British Museum is the Tree of Life. It is made from decommissioned weapons collected by the ‘Transforming Arms into Tools’ project in Mozambique. The project was founded in 1992 after the end of the civil war to encourage people to exchange weapons for farming and sewing tools.

With more than 9,000 objects on display at the British Museum, you’re sure to find yourself immersed in the set-apart vibe of this place. So, book yourself a stay at the luxurious Premier Inn Rewards hotel and experience it all for yourself.

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