Discover London’s Must-See Spots for Street Art Enthusiasts

London is bursting with eclectic street art that is sure to brighten your day and make your Instagram feed the most aesthetic it has ever been! From Brick Lane to Hackney Wick, explore London’s vibrant street art scene at these must-visit destinations. The artistic graffiti on London streets displays the vibe of its neighbourhood and is an arty attraction. Here’s a list of places that are hot spots of street art in London city.

Brick Lane

One of the best places to discover London’s Street art and graffiti scene is Brick Lane. It is a street full of character and if you’re a true art fan, then a visit to Brick Lane is a must! Reserve your stay with a luxurious Premier Inn Rewards hotel with plush amenities and easy access to some of the best London locations to help you discover a new side of the city. You’ll find a majority of some of the best street art examples in the areas between Buxton Street and Bethnal Green, near the place where the railway bridge crosses over.

Explore at your own pace and find everything from murals of giant elephants to colourful flowers and more! Near Hanbury Street, you’ll find the area’s most popular artworks including a massive, three-story high crane by ROA, a renowned Belgian artist. Discover layers of history unfold as you explore Brick Lane’s Street art, hinting towards its past as a home for immigrants. If you’re looking to get more insights into the street art pieces, then you can also opt for a walking tour.


One of London’s most popular areas is Camden and it’s no surprise that it is a storehouse of some of the most fantastic London graffiti. Plan your visit to Camden near your luxury accommodation in Kensington and include Harmood Street, Hartland Road, Ferdinand Estate and Hawley Road, featuring some of the most eclectic street art pieces in the area. You will even find the famous mural of legendary singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse, who was also a Camden native.

One thing you can’t miss here is the railway bridge with the ‘Camden Lock’ imprint. It was painted by John Bulley in 1989 and is the longest-standing street art piece in Camden! A prime location to click some great pictures for your Instagram, make sure to include this one on your list.


Leake Street in central London’s Waterloo is another prime location to see the best of street art in London. Located right in the heart of the city, Leake Street is home to the VAULTS- a popular theatre space, known for its immersive experiences. Start your day out exploring the city’s unique street art scene with a delectable meal at a Hyde Park hotel restaurant and see Leake Street’s very own graffiti tunnel, fully covered in modern graffiti styles. You can also try your hand at graffiti here if you wish! Also, back in 2008, the iconic artist Banksy inaugurated the space with the CANS Festival. So, follow the world-renowned artist’s footsteps and explore Waterloo’s Street art scene like a pro!

Hackney Wick

Another best spot in town to view unique street art is Hackney Wick. Located just across from the Olympic Park and bordered by Hertford Union Canals and Lea Navigation, Hackney Wick has several craft bars, breweries, and artist studios at every corner. Plan a great day out as you explore some fantastic street art on Smeed Road, Fish Island and Beam Street.

Take your time to relax with a pint or two at one of the graffiti-covered pubs here and enjoy the live music playing in the backdrop. Also, if you’re looking for a fine dining experience to end the day, make the best choice with The Grand Restaurant in Paddington in central London.

Whether you’re an art lover or not, London’s extraordinary street art scene is sure to intrigue you and compel you to come back for more! So, plan your London holiday now.

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