A Nature Lover’s Paradise: Reasons to Visit Hyde Park When in London

London is a beautiful city with an eclectic mix of new and old, traditional and contemporary, well-steeped in history and yet continually evolving. Being a city that has something to offer for everyone, this blog focuses on the ultimate green oasis in a bustling haven- Hyde Park. As the largest park in Central London, Hyde Park is moments from your luxurious accommodation at Kensington and is known to cover about 350 acres of space that feature scenic walking paths perfect for tranquil strolls, refreshing morning runs, or a trek on the bike.

So, let’s dig right in to discuss the top reasons to visit Hyde Park during your stay at Premier Inn Rewards hotels- A gateway to a fantastic hotel collection in London.

Kensington Gardens and the Marble Arch

The western part of this serene park blends into the royal and stunning Kensington Gardens. This grand palace has been home to the Royal family of England since the 1600s including the very recent stay of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. The Marble Arch is an other marvellous structure at the North-East corner of Hyde Park, originally the state entrance of Buckingham Palace Courtyard, a symbol of British victory in Napoleonic wars.

Now that you know where to start your exploration journey when in Hyde Park, don’t forget to relish a breakfast at one of the many sought-after restaurants near the park such as the Hyde Park Hotel restaurant with an enticing menu to satisfy your cravings.

Diana Memorial Gardens

If you are visiting Hyde Park with children, don’t miss out on the trip to the very famous Peter Pan-inspired Diana Memorial site. Enjoy watching your little ones be pirates for the day at the Princess of Wales Memorial Playground which features a large pirate ship and even animals on the west side of The Long Water.

Speakers Corner

The Speakers Corner is a staggering historical spot for speeches and debates in London since 1872. Even today, this corner in Hyde Park is a place to talk and express ideas freely. You may even find people speaking enthusiastically on any topic at this spot.

Animals in War Monument

For yet another intriguing experience, don’t forget to check out the Animals in War Monument, located on the edge of Park Lane. It’s a unique site commemorating animals that attained martyrdom during war times. It also pays remembrance to the dogs that sniffed and helped with finding the bomb victims, the pigeons who were the message carriers and even the glow worms that helped with map-reading at the time of World War.

The Serpentine Lido and Gallery

The Serpentine Lido is unabashedly the most iconic location for open water swimming in London. The swimming club here is the oldest one in Britain, where you can enjoy a rejuvenating and refreshing swim.

To add to the allure, the Serpentine Gallery on either side of the lake showcases ahead of time, contemporary artworks from the 1970s, making it a one-of-a-kind tourist draw that pioneers innovative ideas in both architecture and art.

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