How To Keep The Kids Happy In London

Taking a family trip to London can be daunting for various reasons. In part this is because with such an expanse of city and a luxurious home base of hotels such as the Park Grand Paddington Hotel, it can be difficult to work out where to start, let alone how to keep everyone happy during the holiday. On paper this shouldn’t be too hard, with so much to do in the city there should always be something to cater to the kids in particular. So what is there for kids to do in London, and what is there for them that adult’s might enjoy as well?

London Eye

London Eye

The London Eye is one of London’s top attractions, and that’s both in name and in nature due to its 135 metre height, beating the Big Ben in terms of height. The best thing about the London Eye is that it’s air conditioned capsules give you a half hour long journey above London, giving you and your children a safe space from which to view the city from the South Bank. On top of this, the length of the journey means that there isn’t enough time for the more restless kids to get bored.

Sea Life Centre

The Seal Life centre is based on the South Bank and gives children and adults alike the chance to explore the amazing world of aquatic life. With exhibits on aquatic conservation and some of the world’s rarest fish on display, kids will be especially excited at the rock pools, where kids get the opportunity to touch corals, star fish and crabs.

Sea Life Centre

Victoria and Albert Museum for Children

The Victoria and Albert Museum for children was created out of iron left over from the creation of the Royal Albert Hall back in 1872 and is a museum dedicated to the history of childhood and the works of children. The exhibits range from child life throughout history and allows children and adults alike to explore the “designed world”, especially objects created for and by children themselves. Since 1974, the museum has been a specialised museum on children and holds a range of interactive exhibits which will engage all ages.

Victoria and Albert Museum

London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is located on the South Bank and is suitable for the less squeamish and sensitive kids. Exploring the dark and grisly history of London, this interactive exhibit takes audience members through a guided tour by professional actors. Ranging from an exploration of the brutal murders of Jack the Ripper to the hellscape of the British Black Plague, the exhibit is both tongue in cheek, blackly comic and suitably terrifying.

Madam Tussaud’s

Madam Tussauds is a wax works located near Paddington Station and therefore near the Park Grand Paddington Hotel where guests can find a range of offers on their Hotel Rewards Programmes. This will save you money and therefore will help you to save money to visit such attractions as this amazing wax works. Here you can find lifelike replicas of some of the world’s biggest stars, as well as film premier orientated exhibits such as King Kong and Sherlock Holmes.

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