Exploring the Rooftop bars in London

Rooftop bars in London make for a great way to see the city as you enjoy the company you have. With the rich set of skyscrapers that adorn the city, and plans to further escalate the rate of development of tall buildings in the city, London has and will continue to be a place built on the values of growth and innovation. Rooftop bars not only have this automatic sense of prestige, but by they’re also romanticised slightly, and for good reason. There’re few better ways to enjoy a drink than while you’re gazing upon on the gorgeous landscape of a town. So where are the best rooftop bars in the city? Let’s find out.


Summer Sky Riviera at the Gherkin

Between the 25th July and 1st September 2016 every year, the 40th floor of the Gherkin is converted into what’s known as the Summer Sky Riviera. Elevated nearly 200 metres above street level, The Gherkin has been transformed into a summer site based on the 1950s French Riviera. Bookings to the venue need to be made in advance, and its restaurant serves main dishes as Foie gras, aged beef fillet, Rump of lamb, minestrone, and Olives Nicoise. Think classically French cuisine.

The SkyGarden Sky Pod Bar

This all day drinking and dining space can be found close to The Metropolis Hyde Park, an idyllic luxury accommodation in the heart of London which offers great Hotel Rewards Programs. It’s situated amongst lovely gardens and offers stunning views of the city. It’s open between 10-6pm on weekdays and 11AM-9PM on weekends. Again, you’ll need to book this venue well in advance.

Rooftop Bars in london

The Roof Gardens

Found on Kensington High Street, the Roof Gardens comes complete with a restaurant, nightclub, and while it’s not the tallest site from which to see the city, its gardens are perhaps the most natural and scenic. It’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and best of all, the venue is open to the public to visit free of charge.

If you visit London during a sunny period, we implore you to visit one of these rooftop gardens – you won’t regret the experience!

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