Everything You Need To Know About The Music At British Summer Time 2017

British Summer Time 2017 was one of the best yet. With a stellar line up and a wide range of eclectic performers, this year was a year for every age group. Set in the legendary Hyde Park, just a stone throw away from the Shaftesbury Hyde Park hotel, British Summer Time was the must see summer event and one of London’s best attractions this year. Whether you were there or whether you missed it, we have some of the highlights for you so you can either relive it or catch the amazing acts and events next time they grace a stage near you.

The Pixies


Although the ban Highly Suspect recently told the Metro Newspaper that The Pixies should have headlined the festival bill, the 90’s grunge band were overshadowed on the bill by the likes of Kings of Leon, a more contemporary rock band who more young people might know. That isn’t to say that The Pixies didn’t put on a stellar performance. Despite their advanced ages, songs such as Debaser and Where is my Mind still had audiences singing and dancing along.

Green Day

Indie pop music

American Rock band Green Day headlined the second day of the festival, bringing with him some tongue in cheek renditions of songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody were clearly very powerful, to the point of a video of the song going viral on social media. On top of this, the stellar three hour long show had everything from audience stage invasions to incredible replays of classics such as Holiday, American Idiot and Revolution Radio.

Justin Bieber

Music festival

Another headliner to send the crowd wild was Justin Bieber who offered up a disappointing performance this year. Justin Bieber has been performing since 2008, discovered in his teen years after his YouTube videos were discovered by a talent manager. After signing to a label named RBMG, Justin Bieber released his debut EP in 2009 to critical acclaim before his EP was released in 2010. Since then, Bieber has gone on to perform a wide variety of musical stylings whilst embroiling himself in several controversies as he has reached his adolescent and young adult years.

Kings of Leon


The Southern alt-rockers Kings of Leon played after The Pixies, gracing the audience with some of their more recent hits as well as songs from their earlier albums. Kings of Leon debuted back in the noughties with their debut album Youth and Young Manhood before going on to sky rocket their success with Because of the Times in 2007 and Only by the Night in 2008.

Tears for Fears

music festival

Tears for Fears were a British synth pop and new wave band from the 1980’s before branching out into mainstream pop rock. It was this sound which led to their success and arena filling live shows, not unlike the show they performed at British Summer Time to an audience filled with starry eyed fans over flowing with nostalgia. With a legendary MTV history and a whole range of hits throughout the 80’s, Tears for Fears have gone down in history as one of the most successful 80s bands to keep on performing to this day.

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