Alt Life: London’s Indie Scene

London’s indie scene is pretty substantial these days. Indie music is playing in many of the nightclubs in London, stylish alternative bars are easy to find, and whole regions of London have been taken over by the indie crowd. Lovers of the style, music, fashion, and atmosphere of the indie lifestyle are stuck for choice in modern London. We’ve put together a list of some excellent venues and locations to check out if you want to experience the very best of the London indie scene.

Silver Rocket at the Buffalo Bar

Every third Friday of the month the Buffalo Bar turns into the Silver Rocket; a venue for some truly indie beats, even less mainstream than most clubs. It may only run once a month but it runs almost all night so you should be able to get your fill.

NightClubs in London

After Skool Club at the Quad

For a more frequently active club, be sure to check out the After Skool Club at The Quad. It runs every Saturday night and it’s all about indie, electro, and retro music. It’s a pretty exceptional venue if you’re in a party mood so be sure to check it out.


Unzipped at the Fly on New Oxford Street provides an electro indie mix spinning records on two floors of exceptional music. It’s a lively time with exceptionally cheap shots to keep the atmosphere bouncing. If you’re looking to lose yourself in the moment but don’t want to find your wallet crying when you get home; this is the place for you.

White Heat

Live Acts, DJs, Punk, New Wave, and Electro, can all be found in abundance every Tuesday at Madame Jojo’s. If you are looking for a good time on one an off day, this is an exceptional option.

Indie pop music


Another weekly club, this one happening on Friday nights, is the Popscene at the Astoria 2. The club is in an excellent location just off Tottenham Court Road making it one of the more convenient Friday night venues. Better yet, the focus is almost entirely indie, though a bit of Britpop and Grunge does creep in.

Candy Box

How does notoriously cheap drinks and indie hits sound to you? The Candy Box shows up every Thursday at Moonlighting on Greek Street with regular performances by Indie classics like the White Stripes and Bloc Party. There is also a bit of retro and 90s stuff is mixed in occasionally to keep things interesting.

The Queen is Dead

The Queen is Dead takes place at the Borderline on Mannette Street every Friday; just a convenient tube ride away from the Shaftesbury Paddington Court London. It’s an epic night of Indie, Rock, Punk and also live bands each week. It’s a long night of fun, so get in early and go hard.

Eat It

Upstairs at Sin on Charing Cross Road there’s an excellent weekly club night. There’s a cool mix of indie electronic and retro records supported by various guest DJs. There’s also a second room with everything from Blur to the Cure; so you should be set no matter your tastes.


For indie music up Camden way you’ve got to check out Koko on the High Street. Amazing indie live acts run all week till about 11 and followed up by DJ clubbing all the way through till the next morning on Fridays. Be sure to check out the listings, you’re bound to find some of your favourites performing at this excellent venue.

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