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When sightseeing in London, there are many companies which offer large numbers of specialized tours. Some of these tours can be quite expensive, so if you are traveling to London on a budget, why not check out Soundmap. A free audio tour service which allows you to download the tour straight on to your personal MP3 player, IPod or Smartphone, Soundmap is an inexpensive alternative to those who want flexibility in choosing when to go on a walking tour. Each tour lasts for one hour and is narrated to a backdrop of sound effects and music. These audio tours will guide you through the streets of London by narrators who know the secrets and hidden gems of the selected area. The audio tours also include interviews and original compositions. Here are some of the tours that are available through Soundmap now.

London audio tours


Alex Wheatle, the Brixton Bard will take you through the bustling streets of Brixton. Full of music, art, markets, poets, radicals, and preachers; your journey will start in the 1970s, when the area was pulsating with reggae music and uprising was in the air. Follow Alex’s story through Brixton’s legendary market and around its diverse streets.

Brick Lane:

Brought to life by author Tarquin Hall, the history of Brick Lane is one that is filled with three hundred years of immigration. From French Huguenots weaving silk to Brick Lane becoming the heart of Jewish London. Today, it is now a mix of cutting edge fashion as well as the centre of the Bangladeshi community.

Brick lane london

The King’s Road:

Well known of being the pinnacle of “Swinging London,” King’s Road changed the world of fashion, music, art, and theatre forever. This is where the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix could be found, as well as the birthplace of UK punk music.

King's Road


Follow Irma Kurtz as she takes you through the village she calls home. Soho is synonymous with Bohemian culture and has played host to generations of writers, artists, philosophers, gangster, and even pimps. Along the way meet some of the locals like Norman Balon and Gerry the Stitch.


The Florence Nightingale Audio Tour:

This tour features commentary on Florence’s years and takes the listener through the street of London which were most important to her. The tour also contains Florence experts, including biographer Mark Bostridge and Christine Hallett.

audio tour

The Sherlock Audiowalk:

Follow the trail of Sherlock Holmes and learn about the legendary sleuth. Listen to music, audio clips, and interviews from the recent film and discover some of London’s hidden secrets by cracking puzzles using Holmes’ famous observational skills.

The Sweeney Todd Audiowalk:

Follow Sweeney Todd’s blood soaked trail through London and discover where the legend was born. The audio tour features music, audio clips, and interviews from Tim Burton’s adaptation of Steven Sondheim’s award winning musical.

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