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Rewards perks

London with a little extra

Rewards perks

With Premier Club Rewards, you can make the most of your stay in London

Members can take their pick from the collection of perks we've curated with our carefully chosen partners, giving you attractive savings and exclusive offers at some of the city's finest stores, one-of-a-kind leisure destinations and must-see sights.

Better still, were always adding to our partner portfolio and often work exclusively with independent stores you'll only find here in London. This way, you can go home with something extra special from your time here in the city. Of course, that also means you shouldnt be surprised if you find yourself checking out with a little more than you checked in with!

But, Premier Club Rewards arent limited to high street shops and quintessentially English brands. Weve taken the time to really consider what might make your stay more rewarding and, with that in mind, were offering four additional partner perks exclusively for members of Premier Club Rewards.

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