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Film in London is a big disappointment and a national weak spot. The programmes are months behind other countries due to a backlog in the cinemas, and prices are a disgrace, twice the price of Paris or New York (although some cinemas, such as the Curzons and ABCs) do half price tickets on Mondays.

Similarly the National Film Theatre on the South Bank seems to show endless repeats of Hollywood films and dreadful cult British films, missing out on the chance to showcase world talent. It's run by the same clique that's been responsible for a dreadful run of appalling British Films, all hoping to trade off the popularity of 'The Full Monty'.

Many films from Europe are never shown in London - we go to Paris to see them. The Cine Lumiere (Part of the French Embassy's cultural division, specialising in French films) The Curzon Soho (offbeat European and American films) the ICA (Japanese and other foreign language films) and the Lux, Hoxton Square (new, experimental films) are the honourable exceptions. Our advice is, outside the London Film Festival in Autumn, avoid the cinema in London completely - theatre is cheaper and better.

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