Your Guide to All Things London

Your Guide to All Things London

From knowing where to stay to identifying the best deals, discounts, and experiences for your entire travel group, there’s a lot of research you need to do before you head to London. Or you can simply read this blog as we outline our tips on how to get the best deals across the Premier Club rewards London hotels, which experiences you simply can’t miss, and where to find the best little known attractions and sights to enjoy.

Where to stay

Where to stay

Premier hotel membership is something we talk about a lot, providing members with a ton of extra deals and benefits according to the level of membership they opt for and the hotel they choose to stay in. If, for example, you choose one of the Paddington Court rooms, rewards include access to late check out so that you can enjoy a lie-in on your final morning before exploring the wonders of Paddington and the local parks right on your doorstep.

Meanwhile, if you choose one of our central Soho hotels with a club lounge and bar, being having a Premier Hotel membership provides you with access to these exclusive communal spaces as well as private benefits in and around your hotel room.

Here is our breakdown of the top places to stay during your trip to London; selected because of their central location and proximity to some of the top attractions and sights outlined in the rest of this article:

  • Paddington, ideally located for railway and underground services, and within walking distance of major sights and attractions without being right in the centre of the city hubbub.
  • The outskirts of Hyde Park, for example the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate complete with rewards for Premier Club members.
  • Along the Southbank, providing views over the river Thames and beyond.

Before we dive deeper into the attractions you should make the most of in London, there are eleven hotels in total which are currently Premier Club Rewards London hotels – ten of which fall under the four-star category with the final hotel considered a five-star guest experience. For more insight into each of these hotels and to decide which is the best option for you, head to our Premier Hotel membership page.

Attractions and Sights

Every corner of London presents a different experience and attraction to consider visiting, but with so much available to do how can you possibly create an itinerary to tick everyone’s boxes?

Here are some of the top attractions and sights that you have to see when in London:

  • The various parks and green spaces. From Hyde Park to St James’ Park, up towards Regents Park with ZSL London zoo on its outskirts, London is a place where cityscape meets parkland and where every visitor can take in the beauty of nature and traditional London architecture.
  • Buckingham Palace and the mall. Iconic and the perfect place for a selfie, this is a site that will get everyone in your travel group interested.
  • The Olympic Park. Located over in East London, the Olympic Park has a series of attractions including the stadium and the large orbital slide – making it fun and interactive for all ages.
  • Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The perfect attraction for history lovers and those who want to combine amazing views with an interactive understanding of London’s history.
  • The London Eye. The only way to see London from above, with changing viewpoints as the wheel spins.
  • Family friendly attractions like Madame Tussauds, the various museums, galleries, and exhibitions. All of London’s history, both man-made and natural, can be found in the vast range of galleries and museums dotted around the city – and all of these are designed specifically for visitors of all ages.

Dining in London

Dining in London

No trip to London is complete without a theatre dinner, a traditional British meal, and of course an iconic afternoon tea. A number of our Premier Club rewards London hotels offer their own take on these dining experience in the hotel restaurants, or you can explore beyond the four walls of your accommodation and dine out in some of London’s most famous areas and eateries.

If you’re looking to combine a meal with a night-time experience, then selecting a west end show and a nearby restaurant is a great way to spend an evening. Alternatively, you can explore the range of culturally diverse afternoon tea experiences which are popping up all over the city, and which infuse the classic menu with international flavours and whimsical themes.

Travel and Transport

Travel and Transport

The London underground is, without comparison, the quickest and easiest way to get around the city, although it is certainly not the only option. Some of our top transport recommendations you have to try, include:

  • Boris bikes, available at central locations which you can rent for a set period of time.
  • On foot. Especially if you choose to stay centrally around the Paddington and Hyde Park area, you will find that you have endless footpaths and green spaces right on your doorstep just waiting to be explored.
  • Open top bus. Not just for tourists, these buses actually give you some insight into London from above and can be a really fun way to get around!
  • On the water. Uber have recently launched water taxis which carry you across London by boat, or you can experience one of the water-based boat tours of the river Thames.

No matter what kind of break you’re looking for, whether for pleasure or as part of a business trip, getting around London is best done with an itinerary and some kind of idea of how you want to spend your time. From making the most of Premier Hotel membership to getting the most from your money at every experience on your bucket list, we hope that this mini guide has opened your eyes to some of the best ways to spend your time in London.

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