London is large city, and ensuring that you get the most of your visit, however long, will require you to do a little research before you make the trip. Let’s face it, from the very get go you’ll be bombarded with advertisements for things to do in the city, and it can be incredibly easy to fall into the humdrum tourist traps situated around the capital.

London Trip

There are plenty of online blogs giving you helpful hints on how to enjoy your visit, but many of these are going to be fairly generic. A blog can’t always know its readership. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to make the most of the city, without having to rely on the anonymous blogs you find written online.

How not to research

So what’s so wrong with the online free itineraries? Shouldn’t you be pleased you can find handy hints for your day out in London. If you’re looking for something general and some helpful starting points, then yes, the free blogs do the job. If you’re looking for something more tailored to your tastes then you’ll have to dig a little deeper.

Blogs don’t know YOU

Blogs are not written specifically for you. They are designed to reach a broad target audience. This means they are incredibly useful for starting points for the London newbie, but won’t give you the knowledge you need to really get to grips with the city.

Not always local

Blogs and itineraries can be written by anyone, anywhere, any time, and not always with the nitty gritty research the subject requires. Some blogs may give you recommendations of a bar or restaurant which doesn’t even exist anymore!

Reading on the go isn’t so easy

Try loading the internet and reading a blog off your phone during rush hour. Are you reading this during rush hour? It’s hard, isn’t it? And how’s your phone battery and data usage looking?


So, what can you do instead? What are the best ways to get to know the city and get your head above the tourist crowd?

Ask a local

You might be at the local market, talking to a Londoner in a bar or simply get chatting to another traveller in your hotel. People are the best source of inspiration, and locals know where to find the best experiences in the city. They’ve lived it.

Ask your hotel staff

Who better to ask for recommendations than the friendly staff of your hotel? After all, these guys are trained to accommodate for unique needs and to ensure maximum comfort for their guests. At the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel, you’ll find that the receptionists, bar staff and other personnel will mostly live in the city, and will have a unique and personal sense of fun things to do.

Buy an in depth travel book

It may cost, but travel books like the Lonely Planet Guide are a tourists best friend. Alongside efficient and concise information on the different attractions, these guides give up to date recommendations and researched analysis of the best places to eat, drink and party.

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