Why you should visit London’s winter gardens

If you’re tired of hearing all about the magnificent parks in London and want to experience something that’s similar but distinctive in its right, consider some of the secret gardens across the city’s capital. The only reason why they’re called secret gardens is merely that often enough – most travellers to the city don’t pay any attention to visiting them.

In that sense, they’re a gem of an experience that often goes amiss, which can be a shame, to say the least. But with our guide, you’ll have the necessary information needed to make sure you don’t miss out.

With the Shaftesbury Hyde Park and its Hotel Rewards Programs, you can experience the city for far less than you might expect. In fact, staying here has many advantages besides the affordable cost. The Hyde Park hotel is close to Streatham Common – a beautiful landscape with formal gardens, wildflower meadows, and a wide plan scenery.

London Parks

There’s also the St Mary’s Garden on Pearson Street, the Hampstead Pergola and Hill Gardens, and the Magic Garden found on Battersea Park Road. These four attractions in unison will give you a complete garden experience in the city – but if you want, you can just settle for the one.

London in essence, fortunately, makes it easier than ever for tourists to experience more than just the popular attractions. All it takes is a little bit of preparation, and a bit more curiosity and the result will be a better, more holistic trip.

London’s small green spaces make it, even more, inviting for families who are fascinated by nature. These little spots in town go against the common idea that London is merely an urban city that’s built for shopping, skyscrapers, and the conventional tourist traps.

If you visit with different intentions, you can make your London experience whatever you want it to be. That just goes to show how eclectic this city is. Book your stay in London this coming season, and experience London’s best winter gardens in their full glory – you’ll be more than glad that you did.

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