Why You Should Bring Your Kids to London

London is a fantastic city to visit, especially if you are travelling as a family.  Millions of tourists choose to come here each year, and with good reason.  It has a lot to offer whether you like to learn something new when you travel, keep active or have an adventure and on top of that it is an extremely safe city to explore.  London has regularly been voted one of the best cities to visit with a family, and we are going to show you just some of the reasons why:-

Getting Around

Trying to explore a large city with small children can be a nightmare, whether that’s because you have to make sure you can board a bus with a pushchair or because you know that your child’s little legs just won’t be able to walk that far.  Luckily London has an extremely broad public transport network which provides you with a number of different options.  Buses have dedicated areas for pushchairs so you don’t have to worry about getting one up and down, and they have the ability to lower the bus so that you can easily get on and off.  Those travelling with double pushchairs may need to board at the back of the bus, but the driver should be able to assist you with the best way to get on and off.  It is also free for children under the age of 11 to travel on all of London’s public transport, but you can check the TfL website for full details of this.

London with Kids

Bus Tours

If you want to show your children the famous sights and landmarks of London but you know that they aren’t up to walking the entire time, then we would really recommend making use of one of the many open-top bus tours which can be found around the city.  These are fantastic ways of seeing popular sights across London such as the Tower of London, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square with the option to stay on the bus for the duration of the tour or hop-off and hop-on at your own pace if there is an attraction you want to explore in more detail.  There are also river tours available for those who want a slightly different way to see some of the iconic buildings of the city.  Many of these tours have stops all across London so from the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel it would just be a short walk to a pick-up spot.

Theatre Shows

London is home to one of the best theatre districts in the world, and many tourists come to London for the specific purpose of seeing one of the internationally acclaimed productions which take place here.  But families needn’t count themselves out of the experience; London is also home to a number of family-friendly shows and theatres.  There are productions such as the Lion King and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory which welcome children of all ages and theatres which are dedicated to shows for a younger audience including the Unicorn Theatre and the Polka Theatre.

If you consider the cost of theatre tickets to be too expensive then you can pick up discounted tickets at the TKTS Booth in Leicester Square, or by trying the theatre’s box office directly to see if there are any unsold tickets on the day of the performance.  Alternatively, London also offers the chance to see some truly astonishing street performers which can be just as entertaining, particularly along the South Bank and around the piazza in Covent Garden which may be a better option instead.

The Attractions

London has so many family-friendly attractions that it would be impossible to list them all in one place.  If you are staying somewhere central such as the Piccadilly Hotel London then you have great attractions such as Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Trafalgar Square and two National galleries all within a short distance but of course London has so much more to offer besides.  There are city farms, world-class museums which offer free admission, landmark attractions such as the London Eye, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace and plenty of attractions which offer an insight and education into the diverse and wonderful city of London itself.

The Restaurants

We know that finding somewhere to eat can be tricky for families who need to make sure that there is something for everyone on the menu, and this is really where the family-friendly restaurants of London come into their own.  The likes of the Rainforest Café, Sticky Fingers, Spaghetti House and the Hard Rock Café all offer a family orientated environment with plenty of choice for children on their menus, so that even the pickiest of eaters will find something to please.  If you don’t fancy eating at a larger chain then there are also plenty of independent restaurants in the city who also welcome families.

The Open Space

For an urban capital city, London has a surprising amount of open space which is perfect for families who want to enjoy a little of the outdoors.  You may want to wear the kids out before returning to your hotel, or just get some fresh air as part of your trip to the city; whatever the reason, there are lots of options to choose from.  If you don’t know where to begin then choose one of the eight Royal Parks which London can boast; these spaces usually offer children’s playgrounds, the chance to hire bikes or boats, the opportunity to enjoy some horse riding, or just enough space to find a spot to set up a picnic blanket and just soak up your surroundings whilst your children explore the immediate vicinity.

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