Part of the reason why London is such a great holiday destination is due to its nippy transport links. Wherever you stay in the capital, there will be a tube station which will get you into the city centre in under an hour and a larger train terminus to zip you out into the wider UK. It is this ease of travel that makes the city so vibrant and diverse. Many people from across the world all communing in one space, all connected by the plethora of travel options into the city. Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day; London’s transport links have been built up over centuries of development. Paddington is a great example of this, retaining centuries of history, bringing together the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Queen Victoria, Paddington Bear and many other London icons. With great accommodation including the Park Grand Kensington and boundless activities to take advantage of, Paddington is certainly one to consider when thinking about areas to stay in London.

Stay in Paddington

Affordable yet luxury accommodation

The Park Grand is just one of many hotels based in the Paddington area, and brings affordable accommodation at luxury standards. With Paddington’s rich history and cultural standing among the trendy elite, it’s unsurprising that the hotels reflect the image, ensuring spacious rooms and grand townhouse facades.

luxury accommodation

Based in the heart of the city

Paddington is an area of London located on the corner of Hyde Park, facing the glamorous Notting Hill, and surrounded by a beautiful canal system in the guise of Little Italy. Pair this with its near-walking distance from the main high streets of Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road. With Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and the Baker Street based Madam Tussauds and many other attractions within walking distance, you’ll be able to feel the heartbeat of the city from your hotel bedroom spending even just a night in Paddington.

A rich history

The history of London is encapsulated in the beautiful surroundings of Paddington. Not only is the area famous for its Victorian era decadence, it is also the fictional home to both Sherlock Holmes and Paddington Bear. The station itself holds statues and shops dedicated to the Peruvian cub, and the nearby Baker Street is home to a Sherlock Holmes museum. Wherever you decide to stay in Paddington, there will be some form of history in the near vicinity.

Perfect for international travellers

When staying in Paddington and the Grand Royale London Hyde Park, you’ll find that your proximity to Paddington Station gives you quick and easy travel from the airport. With Heathrow airport just 30 minutes away on the express train, travelling into London has never been easier. What’s more, there are many tube stations and nearby taxi services which will make your travel plans even easier. On top of this, if you want to travel to the midlands or the West of England, then Paddington Station is your go-to terminus.

Plenty of cultural activities just a short walk away

Serpentine Gallery

With Hyde Park promising the Serpentine Gallery and Speakers Corner, it’s not just the green spaces of London giving you a cultural breath of fresh air. The nearby Canal Café Theatre, countless pub-based music and comedy venues, alongside the historic streets offer a diverse selection of cultural experiences for you to take advantage of in West London.

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