Which London Neighbourhood Are You?

Ever wondered which London neighbourhood you’re most like? Well, wonder no more. Whether you’ve just arrived in the city, have visited several times or have lived here for many years, there’s a neighbourhood that’s just right for you and suits your personality down to a T.

We’ve taken a good look at which London neighbourhoods accommodate different personality types best to help you find out which area is the perfect fit for you.

For foodies

Street Food

If you’re really into your food and love trying new dishes and cuisines, then you’re most like Hackney. Hackney is considered one of the most up-and-coming areas in London when it comes to food. It’s packed full of quirky street-food vendors, pop-up restaurants and places serving some of the tastiest dishes in London.

Foodies will also have a close affinity for Borough Market. Not only is it ideally located in central London, but it’s also home to one of the best food markets in the city.

For artsy types

Artsy types are definitely most like Camden, which has always held sway over the artists of the city. It’s home to many musicians, painters and dabblers in all things artsy. Camden is the perfect place to express your creativity. You can learn new crafts at the Camden Arts Centre, see the city’s best new bands and soak up some of the best jazz talents at the neighbourhood’s famous jazz cafe.

Kings Cross is also a popular neighbourhood for artsy types, with galleries popping up all over the area. Plus, it’s really close to Soho – another accessible location with quirky art lovers.

For peace and quiet

For people looking for somewhere quieter or like to take some time away from the bustle of the city, there’s Kensington. Close to several relaxing green spaces and home to Kensington Gardens, Kensington is a great place to take yourself off and forget about the big city for a while. Plus, our Park Grand London Lancaster Gate hotel is really close by and gives you a great chance to kick back and relax somewhere quiet, peaceful and luxurious. With our Park Grand London Kensington loyalty programme you can work your way towards great deals on our spa packages too, adding an extra level of relaxation to your stay.

Richmond is another excellent area for quiet lovers, thanks to its many parks which help you feel miles away from the city centre and offers ample spaces for running, walking and cycling.

For a village feel

People who love the feeling of being in a village are most like Walthamstow. This neighbourhood is slightly further out of the central city and has a somewhat slower-pace than many London neighbourhoods. It gives people a chance to live a life that’s as much about community as it is about being creative. With upmarket corner shops, great local pubs, plenty of local events in the parks all summer and endless art workshops and shows Walthamstow has a real village feel that’s great for those who like a less city-focussed life.

Greenwich is another of London’s prettiest boroughs. With the vast park and its river frontage, Greenwich tends to get left out of places to live in London, but it’s perfect for those looking for more of a village location.

Fitzroy Square

To feel central

You can’t get much more fundamental than Marylebone. Its central location is almost unbeatable, making it ideal for people who love to be right in amongst it.

With its excellent transport links, Kensington is also high for people who want to be close to central London. It’s no wonder so many people who love to be in the centre of the action use our Park Grand London, Kensington loyalty scheme.

For literary lovers

If you’re a lover of books, you’re most like Bloomsbury. Well known for its rich literary history and world-famous publishing houses, Bloomsbury is hugely popular amongst literary lovers. The area is packed full of stories too, with writers like T.S Eliot and Charles Dickens setting some of their stories in the area. It also has excellent private parks, which provide a great location to sit down and relax in peace and quiet with your favourite book.

Notting Hill is also packed full of bookshops, but that isn’t the only reason it’s such a great place for book lovers. It’s also a haven of published authors and literary agencies. In the 1960s, Notting Hill was the home Martin Amis and the playwright Alan Bennett, and since then it has become the focus of London’s liberal elite, popping up in books, plays and films to provide a recognisable location.

For the royalists

If you can’t get enough of the royal family, you’re like Kensington. Home to royal parks, Kensington Palace, the Dianna Memorial fountain and other statues and monuments commemorating members of the royal family, there’s plenty for every royalist to enjoy in this neighbourhood. The Park Grand London, Lancaster Gate is an ideal place to stay for people who’re like Kensington as it provides excellent access to Kensington Gardens and its royal highlights. Walk through the gardens and enjoy exploring the imperial history that fills every corner of this beautiful location. If you’re ready to head inside, check out Kensington Palace. It has several exhibitions that allow you to explore the history of the royal family, from their traditions to their fashion. The Park Grand London, Lancaster Gate hotel is also well-linked to Buckingham Palace, one of the most recognisable splendid locations in the city. If you love Kensington and decide you want to stay again and again and again, remember to make use of the Park Grand London Kensington loyalty scheme. The more times you stay, the more great offers you’ll have access to. As a result, you’ll be more and more able to tailor your stay to your tastes, from afternoon teas and spa treatments and nights in luxury suites.

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