Which Hotel Loyalty Program Is Right For You?

In a city such as London where there are so many hotels available to choose from, it should come as no surprise that there is also a weighty number of hotel loyalty programmes available. These come with heaps of benefits to sweeten the deal, including discounted rates and special touches to make your stay more comfortable or special.

For example, Premier Club Rewards in London hotels operate a three-tired membership: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each tier has additional perks to enhance your stay. Anyone can enrol in the Silver tier, and to keep things simple, it is free to join! If you stay at the loyalty hotels in the programme for 30 days in a 12-month period, you will be upgraded to Gold. After 60 qualifying nights, you’ll be granted Platinum membership!

When searching for your perfect hotel loyalty programme, consider your answers to the following questions whilst you compare.

Hotel Rewards Hotel

How much do you want to spend on accommodation?

Naturally, when choosing a hotel loyalty scheme the price you’ll end up paying for your accommodation in London is always the starting point. Navigating London discount hotels can be overwhelming, with so many deals and offers to rifle though. A membership scheme such as the Premier Club Rewards keeps London hotels simple. We offer a blanket 11% discount off the Best Available Rate at any of our hotel partners. Eventually you can use your loyalty points towards a free hotel stay!

What’s more, our hotels are carefully selected to ensure that every penny spent is worth it. We partner with the Park Grand London Hotels and Shaftesbury Hotels London brands, where accommodation is all about comfort and elegance, at a fair price. So, you can be sure to receive a boutique experience wherever you book.

How often will you be travelling?

A frequent traveller will have different requirements to a traveller who only needs a hotel once or twice a year. If you travel often, you will require a hotel that makes you feel at home each time you revisit. You might prefer to stay loyal to one specific hotel, to increase your chances of additional benefits. A hotel loyalty package that includes such privileges as a complimentary newspaper, free local calls and laundry allowance will make your stay seamless. The Platinum Membership provides such benefits at all of the Premier Club Rewards London hotels, and is designed for regular travellers.

If you travel only a handful of times, rest assured that the points you accrue on our membership programme will never expire. That means that for every £1 you spend, you will earn 10 points. And even if you only book a hotel once a year, even on the Silver tier you will receive perks including a discounted rate, extended check-out and a fresh fruit basket to greet you on arrival!

Who do you usually travel with?

Perhaps you’re a business traveller, who comes to London frequently for work. Your needs will vary from those of a couple on a romantic getaway, a group of friends or a family. Consider how many rooms you require for your party, how much space you need, and what level of home comforts you require. If it’s a special occasion, such as an anniversary or a honeymoon, you might want a loyalty programme that makes it easy to upgrade your room to the next level.

London Premier Club Rewards pride ourselves on catering to all travellers. Our hotel partners will make a weekend away with your loved one a completely unforgettable experience, with little luxury touches. Thos travelling with children can also reap the benefits of membership. Choose from family rooms available across the Shaftesbury Hotels Collection and Park Grand Hotels. Choose from a duplex, triple or quad room to ensure everyone sleeps soundly!

Location, location, location 

One of the most important factors in deciding where to stay in London is finding the right neighborhood for you. London is a large city, with many distinct neighborhoods and boroughs to explore. Opting to stay in London discount hotels in the central zone will cut back on your time spent travelling. This means more time for sightseeing, dining and relaxing in your carefully selected hotel room!

The majority of the hotels on our loyalty programme are based in Central London and the West End.

For example, a hotel such as the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International puts you within easy reach of all the best attractions in London. By day, you can take your pick from famous landmarks, world-class museums and top shopping destinations. After hours, you are a mere stone’s throw from London’s nightlife districts and theatre land.

What are your traveller needs?

Most travellers share a few basic needs, which is a necessity in a hotel. Complimentary broadband is one important amenity in a hotel. Business travellers looking to stay connected, holiday makers who need to plan their trip, or anyone who like to stay abreast with current affairs and social media will be delighted to hear that all London Premier Club Rewards hotels include free internet.

Again, most travellers appreciate having breakfast included in the hotel, and this is something that our membership is pleased to offer. No matter what tier you choose, most of our hotels provide a complimentary breakfast.

Travelling families are usually delighted by the complimentary fruit basket provided in the rooms of our hotel loyalty partners. Those with Platinum membership receive fresh fruit on a daily basis, to keep guests in good health with a supply of vitamins!

In conclusion

If you’re still not sure which hotel programme to choose, remember, that these schemes are flexible to suit your needs. If you decide to enrol in the Silver tier membership, you can always upgrade to Gold or Platinum over the course of the year. The only requirement for the next levels is that you stay in a property for the minimum number of nights required. Don’t forget that membership doesn’t cost you a penny – it’s free!

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