Hyde Park is one of the most iconic parks in London. With its 350 acres, this royalty-built Grade one green space is a well known and highly popular feature of the city of London. With many of our Premier Club hotels based around it, Hyde Park acts as a patch of land spanning a variety of different areas in the capital. From its Western connection to Kensington Gardens and the glamorous Museum row to the South, the area encapsulates a cross section of London’s very essence. Whether you’re looking for an art gallery, a performance space or simply just a place to relax and eat, Hyde Park has it all. Below are just some of the reasons why Hyde Park should be at the top of your London to do list.

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History of Hyde Park

Built by Henry VIII’s court in 1536, the park was originally used as a royal hunting ground, using the Manor of Hyde as a base. The park remained private until James I allowed the park to be used by aristocracy, remaining limited in use until Charles I made it public in 1637. Since then it’s popularity only grew, leading to it becoming a popular spot for festive celebrations such as May Day, and its eventual fall into the hands of the general public.

Nowadays, Hyde Park is a prime spot for tourists and locals alike. With its grand designs, diverse plant life and wide pathways, it has become a prime spot for joggers, botanists and art critics alike.

Galleries of Hyde Park

Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery is made up of two exhibition spaces, mostly focussed on contemporary artists. With past exhibitors including Man Ray, Basquiat and Maria Abramovich. The two gallery spaces are named the Serpentine and the Sackler Gallery, the latter being opened in 2013 out of an old gun powder storage space. Both have extensive exhibition spaces which change throughout the year, and general admission is free to the public.

Festivals of Hyde Park

Christmas Shopping

Throughout the year, Hyde Park plays host to a range of festivals. Winter Wonderland takes place over the Christmas period and offers up ice-skating rinks, Christmas markets, ice bars and fairground attractions. British Summertime takes place on the other side of the year, and sun-soaks several weekends throughout July with huge musical acts.

Fitness in Hyde Park

Jogging park london

Hyde Park is well known for its large size, making it the perfect place to keep fit. With jogging tracks and regular sports, yoga and endurance training in the park, guests at the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate will have ample opportunity to keep fit. There is also the Serpentine Lido, providing fresh outdoor swimming opportunities.

Hotels of Hyde Park

park grand paddington court

Seeing as its based in the heart of the city, Hyde Park has become one of the go-to areas for hotels and luxury accommodation. A short walk from the city centre and stones throw from the park itself, hotels like the Park Grand Paddington Court have a diverse set of rooms, making it perfect for business travellers and families alike.

Hyde Park must-see’s

attraction near hyde park

Whether visiting for a week or a day, if you’re in Hyde Park there are a range of sites you can find all year round. Nearby you’ll find the iconic Marble Arch, adjacent to Buckingham Palace, whilst Speakers Corner is a spot in the North East corner known for its rabble-rousing speeches from a diverse array of famous figures and thinkers. From Karl Marx to the Suffragettes, Speakers Corner has been steeped in political history and activism, with many modern-day protesters and political critics using it as a rallying point to this very day.

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