Visit as an American in London

If you’re an American planning on travelling to London, then it’s likely that you have a couple of different ideas about the British. But to ensure you have the best possible holiday, we recommend that you drop all your premonitions about the city, particularly if it’s your first time.

The best way to have a sensational immersive holiday is to be open and curious. When you come into a new city with ideas about what it’s supposed to be like, you naturally limit your curiosity and openness. So when you visit London this season, despite the parallels you may have heard about in comparison to American culture, visit with an open mind. And ideally, avoid comparing everything in huge detail.

For a special accommodation, consider the Park Grand London Paddington which features a range of amenities designed to make your stay in the city as comfortable as possible. Interestingly, more and more Americans are visiting London, and for a good reason. Americans like the UK because it’s the only primarily English-speaking country in the world. That makes it easy to communicate and enjoy the different sights and attractions with ease. Although the distance between the countries can often deter some from making the trip, you’ll still be able to spot Americans.

Perhaps there’s a little truth to the stereotype that Americans can be a little louder… or perhaps it’s their mannerisms that are easier to detect. Americans, particularly younger ones, are likelier to wear classic sorority and fraternity gear, in the name of university shirts and hoodies.

The accent, of course, is also a dead giveaway along with the terminology they use. A bin is a trash can, trainers are sneakers, and a garage is a parking lot. Often, many Americans eventually end up deciding to live here because of the openness of the culture. While class systems are not necessarily as important as they once were, it’s certain that some remnants still apply.

Americans can be stereotyped as being loud while Londoners are seen as polite and unassuming. In conversations, some words are going to sound very strange indeed compared to the American style. And not just because of the accent – but certain words and phrases are said quite differently. The words ‘water’ and ‘butter’ are typical examples.

For American style attraction take a visit to the American car centre. This outlet is a showcase for used car from the US, featuring Corvettes, Mustangs and Chevrolets. Then again, if you’re in London, it’s unlikely that you’re here to experience American culture. You’ve come here because you want to learn everything that’s London-ey. To that end, consider taking a bus tour when you first arrive.


That will give you the context needed to create the best possible holiday for you. After you’ve built a good understanding of the city, visit some of the premiere attractions. Take for instance the: Madame Tussauds, the TATE Gallery, St Pauls Cathedral, the London Eye, and boat cruise by the River Thames.

Regarding the free attractions worth visiting; check out: the National Portrait Gallery, the Imperial War Museum London, and the Royal Air Force Museum. In conclusion, London is a city with an abundance of attractions that makes it easy for any American traveller to immerse themselves into.

Whether you plan on staying for a weekend, five days or else, there’ll be plenty here to keep you amused and entertained. And because of the culture, and some of the similarities between the UK and America, it’s unlikely that you’ll get homesick in any sense. Book your stay in London to learn more!

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