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London is a spectacular city, in all aspects! It caters to people of all age groups and tastes. The English author Samuel Johnson encapsulated the charm of London beautifully in his quote, “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” With such a stunning description nothing better can be said about the charm of London!

Whether you are looking for intellectual stimulation or plan just to sightsee, shop and explore the place, London is the city to spend a holiday in. However, remember to book your accommodation well before you arrive to get accommodation to your liking. While there are hotels galore in London, remember it is one of the most popular tourist destinations with visitors to the city at all parts of the year. Another benefit of making reservations in advance are the great London hotels offers that are available for those who make online reservations. With chic hotels like the Park Grand London Kensington that offer a luxurious ambience, great facilities, excellent prices and a central location, booking in advance is a major benefit.

London Nightlife

If you like to party and party hard then you are in the right city! London has some of the hottest nightclubs and vibrant nightlife in Europe, with an eclectic range of music and live gigs ranging from retro to alternate, soul to reggae! Whether you have a taste for mainstream pop or rock music, or have a fetish for burlesque or cabaret; or even vintage with retro period outfits, there is everything to be found in the nightspots of London.

Some of the top places in London to boogie the nights away are as follows:

The Double R Club:

When it comes to the slickest compere in London, there are quite a few names that pop up, including that of Benjamin Louche, who can be rated among the best! Besides playing host at the Double R Club, he also doubles up as the MC at Lucha Brittania. The Double R club offers a night of burlesque that is a class part from other venues. The shows pay homage to the works of the master director David Lynch and his creative works. With stripping acts right down to tassles in a variety of ways, the performers will enact characters from Lynch’s movies or from his famous television series Twin Peaks. If kinky is what you like and want something that is not mundane, then a visit to the Double R Club is definitely something that is not to be missed. From scantily clad performers dancing in high heels to double entendre comedy acts, weird and wacky is what to expect, while offering sheer entertainment of a more prurient kind!

Oh my God I Miss You:

If you are in the mood for period music and are in love with the swinging 60s then visit Oh My God I Miss You. They offer themed 60s music and other accompanying acts. It is a monthly affair and the theme and name of the event changes every month. Some of the themed events that have featured in the past are Grind-A-Go-Go and Jailhouse Jam. The entire place undergoes a  transformation of sorts into something  resembling a theatre set of sorts for revellers to frolic in. There is voodoo rock ‘n’ roll music besides 60s girl groups music being spun, with even a few live gigs to boot. The performances are diverse ranging from cabaret to magic and even the risqué striptease!

Coney Island:

Sounds like you are transported to the Big Apple right! Well Coney Island as its namesake goes, is a retro night affair that offers the Coney Island Party and Freakshow night. It is an attempt by the club management to take you back to the 50s in New York, to its famous fairground Coney Island, which is nestled by the sea.  This is done by conducting a series of fairground games with prizes to be won like a putting green, a coconut shy and even some wacky contests like the hotdog eating contest. While it is quirky of sorts, there is ice cream on the house (for most of the night), it is the music that what makes it worth a visit. If you have a thing for music from the 50s then hop along to Coney Island.  To enliven things they also add a bit of burlesque to make it a more vibrant evening!


If you want something that is not just about stripping and gyrating, perhaps something that is also a bit more cerebral and stimulating, mosey down to Homework.  They offer special nights for a few months in summer, which host an interesting collective of spoken word artists Called Aisle 16. It is a unique concept where the boundaries of spoken word are stretched far and beyond. Every night offers a different theme for example, “poets in residence” that features performers selecting a residence in a place of their choosing and creating poetry that derives inspiration from the place. Performers in the past have chosen Beachy Head infamous for suicides, a library and other unique places, which challenges but serves as a stimulus to display their extraordinary poetic skills. A very unique form of entertainment it is perfect for those have a liking for poetry. There are some well known performers like Luke Hawthorne compere of Book slam and Joe Dunthorne author of Submarine, among other well known names. They also invite guest poets over on some of the nights as well. To spend an evening that is entertaining and mentally stimulating head over to Homework!

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