London is a city teeming with cheeky shortcuts but equally so, you’ll find a city full of overpricing. It’s differentiating from one to the other which can be the tricky part, and often you’ll have to take a punt on the ticket for that seemingly quick train journey or free drink in a restaurant. There’s always small print is the problem, and one decimal point can be the difference between a rip off and a great day out. Once you’ve booked your budget accommodation at hotels such as Park Grand London Paddington, then how you spend your time in the city and what you spend your cash on is completely up to you.

Say no to expensive fares

Although the Heathrow Express is a nippy way to Travel Around London, it is actually surprisingly when placed next to the miniscule 15 miles the train line cover. Using the underground is substantially less expensive than using the Heathrow Express. What’s more the hop on, hop off buses are more expensive than a regular bus journey as well.


To avoid the most expensive train and underground fares in the city, it is always worth checking that you aren’t travelling at peak times. Between the hour of 8am and 10am and 5pm and 7pm, you’ll be looking at travel which is around a third more expensive. This is to act as a deterrent for people who don’t need to travel in these hours, saving much needed space for commuters who are going to and returning form work at these times. What’s more, tubes and buses tend to be far more overcrowded at these times. If you’re claustrophobic or prone to getting overheated, then avoid peak hours on public transport like the plague.

Start your day with a good coffee

With so many great cafes around the city, it’s hard to pick the ones which will offer you a great yet cheap pick me up for your day. Alongside many others, the Park Grand Hotel has a great brunch menu for those late rises, whilst the included breakfasts will be served with coffee and tea on request. If you’re looking for great areas for cafes, Bethnal Green, Shoreditch and Peckham are well known for their trendy, gourmet cafes.

Where to go WIFI

If you’re looking at visiting London from overseas then the charges that data roaming can incur risk making a considerable dent in your holiday budget. To avoid this, there are plenty of spots around the city when free WIFI is available. As well as within your room at the Park Grand London Paddington, you can find WIFI in many underground stations as well as on request at restaurants and cafes where you’re drinking and eating.

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