Top Guided Tours of London

London is simply massive; a vast city full of thousands of things to do around every corner. With so much going on, amazing sites and cool museums that would have pride of place in most cities are tucked away and easy to overlook. The worst thing that can happen while travelling is to get home and then realise how many cool things you missed out on. In a place that has grown organically like London, the street design can get pretty confusing; when an interesting museum is hidden in an alley that runs off an alley, it is small wonder that you might miss it. Sometimes you need a guide to show you all the best places; you don’t want to end up seeing more of your London Executive Rooms than you do of London.

Jack the Ripper

One excellent way of seeing London’s stunning East End is to take visit the area’s darkest period. The Jack the Ripper tour takes you through the stylish districts of London’s East End and to streets and alleyways that bore witness to the Ripper’s darkness. Run by leading enthusiasts and experts, dressed in period appropriate attire, and they make sure to deliver a thoroughly thrilling tour. It is well worth your time, whether you are interested in London’s past, present, or true crime history.

Alternative London

London may be a confusing mess of alleys, but most of the biggest sites are pretty well charted out. Any tourist visiting the city is like to hit the most famous destinations, fantastic thought they may be, and stop there.London has so much more to offer, though; a thousand fascinating tiny museums and galleries, unusual parks, wonderful shops that you would easily miss. If you want to get more out of your London experience, you should try out the Alternative London tour. The tour takes you around the ‘real’ East End; explore the capital’s cultural and creative hub as described by passionate locals. You can walk or cycle to visit markets, pubs, clubs, and fantastic street art.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Tour

Seven books, eight films, and a cultural impact that is unparalleled; Harry Potter is an English phenomenon that has reached out and affected the lives of countless people across the globe.Understandably those people would want to come here and feel close to the magic; to feel some connection to the fantastical world that felt so real. Around London are locations that appear in the books and films that can be visited on a tour led by Potter enthusiast Richard Walker. It is a magical tour for families to live for a brief moment in the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

Bulls**t London

As the name suggests, this is a pretty unique tour. Two professional soldiers take you around the South Bank with a comedic mix of facts and jokes to keep you laughing all the while. If you successfully pick the facts from the lies you will get an opportunity to make up your own lies about London to become a part of the tour. It may not be a very informative tour, but it will put a smile on your face and give you a nice look around the lovely South Bank area.

Sherlock Holmes

London’s great detective is an icon known around the world. In many books, short stories, movies, television shows, even video games, the stories of Sherlock Holmes have spread around the world, never failing to capture imaginations. It is a series that is so completely drenched in London lore that it is small wonder fans come from across the globe to follow in the consulting detective’s footsteps. The tour takes you from Charing Cross, through the Strand’s gas-lit alleyways, along the cobbles of Covent Garden, finally ending at the Sherlock Holmes Pub.Don’t forget to also take time to visit the excellent Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street.

Sherlock Holmes london

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