Top Couponing Tips for London

London is unquestionably one of the most expensive cities in the world. It may be affordable if your wage comes in pounds, but if you are a traveller on a budget it can seem prohibitive. While not a lot can be done about many of the basic expenses, you will find that there are a couple of useful tips you can follow that will make life a lot easier for you. Here are a couple of the best couponing methods while travelling in London.

Stay Organised

An active couponer is going to find themselves with a near overwhelming number of pieces of paper and saved files on the computer. If you aren’t careful you’ll lose track of what you do and do not have and even if you know you’ve got a coupon for somewhere, it won’t help if you can’t find it. I recommend an organised binder for your paper coupons and folder on your computer with separate folders for restaurants, hotels, etc.


Calendar Apps

Keeping track of expiry dates can save a lot of embarrassment and excess paper. You don’t want to get to the counter of the supermarket and realise you’re going to have to spend much more than you originally planned; nor do you want to keep loads of extra papers and documents that are no longer useful. The best solution to this is to enter your coupons into a calendar app on your phone so you know when to use them by. There are also coupon tracking apps that may help you with this.

Free Papers and Magazines

Free papers are handed out when you get on the tube, and free magazines are often available at supermarkets. These are an excellent way to pick up more coupons. You’ll often find advertised discounts and coupons available in these so it’s always worth checking them out when you see them.

Go Online

Online one of the best avenues for discounts out there currently. There are a great number of sites and mailing lists out there that can set you up with a lot of savings. One such is Group On which has an incredible number of coupons and discount codes available to use. Timeout’s regular weekly email is a reliable weekly source of excellent new deals and discounts to shows and restaurants and more. A new competitor has arisen too in the form of Amazon Local; though not as established as Timeout this is nevertheless a superb source excellent discounts and it is well worth subscribing. If you’re looking at accommodation it’s a good idea to check hotel websites to know about discounts as they are happening. A keen lookout could net you some pretty sizeable discounts that just booking through a booking site may not do. If you didn’t check you wouldn’t get, for instance, the 15% off offer for 3 nights stay at the Shaftesbury Premier London Piccadilly available at the moment. That’s money you could’ve used for an enjoyable night out that you may have missed.


Non-perishables are a couponers best friend. As long as you know it is something you are going to use, don’t be afraid to buy more and save yourself money down the road. It’s a very comforting thing to know you’ve got a spare handy and won’t run out an inopportune moment, so keep in mind the importance of stockpiling.

More Value is not always Cheaper

Extra ‘Value’ products may be lying to you. Pay close attention to the exact quantities and make sure you know exactly how much extra they are offering versus how much you could get with a buy one get one free coupon or similar discount.

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