Bringing children to London can be a stressful experience if you let it be. With so many busy streets, crowded public transport at peak times and often a lot of city to traverse if you have push chairs and energetic children running around at all hours, you’ll no doubt want to fall into your plush bed at The Piccadilly London West End Hotel come night timeFear not however, because London can cater to all ages and with such a vast amount of city to explore, there’s no doubt something that all children will find entertaining.

M&M World

Located in Leicester Square, M & M world is a massive and bright shop right in the heart of Leicester Square. A stone’s throw away from the Piccadilly London West End Hotel, M&M shop is full of life sized models of the M&M mascots as well as all flavours ad types of the shelled chocolate imaginable. There is also the chance to personalise your purchases, which will go down a treat when buying gifts for kids. The M & M shop has the feel of a fun factory, where multi coloured tubes full of the chocolate flow through the shop, almost like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

Harry Potter World

Any Potter fans, children and adult alike, will find this museum and experience as magical as the books and films that inspired it. Located in Warner Brother’s Leavesden studios, the Harry Potter World gives visitors a thorough look into JK Rowling’s world of witchcraft and wizardry. The exhibition holds many props from the original films as well as giving you an insight into how to the films were made and the technology used to create the very real magic of cinema. Look out for green screens giving you the chance to fly a broom stick and replicas of the sets used in the films.

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum will inspire not only budding scientists but all ages. Located in South Kensington, the Natural History Museum holds many awe inspiring exhibitions dedicated to the natural world. This means you’ll get a look into prehistoric animals and the components that make up the world, all through interactive and engaging exhibits which are accessible to all ages. Of all the exhibits, one of the most popular with the children is the dinosaur exhibits, which gives you an up close and personal look at 60 million year old fossil skeletons as well as a riveting animatronic dinosaur experience.

Play in the Park

London has a plethora of stunning green spaces dotted around the city. As it is coming up to spring season now is a better time than ever to start exploring the historic and fun filled parks London has to offer. Hyde Park is notable for its Diana Memorial playground whilst the Olympic park has an adventure playground trail which can be fun for all the family. Watch out for the fountains, though, it may be coming up to spring but it’s not that warm yet.

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