Things to do in London in winter

London is a great city to visit all year round. While it certainly receives the highest numbers of tourists and visitors during summer and in spring, it has its fair share of travellers during other parts of the year as well. Whether you visit in the summer or winter there certainly is a lot to experience in this magnificent city.

One of the major advantages of visiting the city in winter is the attractive London hotels discount that is on offer. The city and luxury accommodation is certainly expensive at other parts of the year with prices falling in the off season.

Winter Wonderland

A great place to stay in sheer luxury without having to spend a hefty sum is the Park Grand London Kensington, known for its top notch facilities and exceptional customer service levels. And it is the heart of the city, which makes it an ideal base to set out to explore the many attractions to be found in London. Some of the interesting activities to be a part of and places to visit this winter in London are…

Try ice skating in the city: Two prominent ice skating venues in London during winter are the Natural History Museum and Somerset House. If you are the outdoorsy type and like doing something athletic why not try your hand at skating at either of these venues. During winter especially, in the festive season they are brilliantly decorated and are great places to head out to for a bit of action. And it is no problem if you are a novice as you could take a few classes to perfect your skills as a skater.

Drop in to a West-end show: One of the best times to enjoy a West-end show in the post-Christmas period. It is a great way to beat the chilly weather and a relaxing way to be entertained and spend a lovely evening. Once you are done touring and exploring the city or shopping in the afternoon it is the best way to spend the remaining part of the day. Another benefit is that the ticket prices are slashed considerably as the number of visitors tends to dwindle at that part of the year. So you can get to see some of the best shows at a fraction of their actual price. It is the best time to see the top shows in town especially, those that are always booked or too pricey to consider at other times.

Visit Borough Market: While Borough Market is a popular spot at any time of the year, winter and particularly the festive season is special to visit, as it when you get to savour their special mulled wine and delicious mince pies! Enjoy a glass of warm apple cider and feast on a variety of festive delicacies that are freshly made. There are an abundance of independent stalls and vendors’ selling a variety of tasty winter treats.

Try out the city’s famous underground cinema:  London has quite a few warm indoor venues ideal for the winter with its underground Cinema Club being a popular choice. It is one of the hidden gems of the city and is located in the disused underground tube lines in Waterloo. It is a great place to watch some of the finest movies including classic Christmas movies like The Holiday, Miracle on 34th Street and other festive themed or other genres of movies. Carry along a flask of hot chocolate, and warp up nice and warm to spend a wonderful evening tucked in the warm underground venue.

Do not miss winter wonderland: One of the biggest Christmas Markets in London is its famous Winter Wonderland, which although is a bit expensive (free admission) is well worth the experience. For its sheer novelty and the amazing array of Christmas products on display and for sale it is a must do. The places bustles with visitors and there is a festive air and Yule tide feel in the air. Even if you do not want to buy anything it is a great place to window shop.

Go on a stroll around the city:  One of the most attractive things about the city is the sheer diversity of sights and places to explore on a trip. If you want to get nice and warmed don a pair of winter boots and limber-up to set out on a ramble across the many impressive walks and areas in the city. Some of the best places to stroll about the Southbank Area, The London Loop, Jubilee Greenway Walk or along the canals that stretch from Kings Cross right to Little Venice.

Enjoy a cup or two of Afternoon Tea: One of the most enduring English traditions that is still followed religiously by many is that of afternoon tea. And there is nothing better to step out of the cold street and warm your innards with a nice cup of English tea. The experience becomes all the more pleasurable when you enjoy the experience at a swanky hotel like the Park Grand in Kensington. You get to choose from a selection of the finest brews that is served with an appetising array of delicacies!  A splendid way to drive away the winter blues!

Visit Hyde Park: While it may not seem too exciting a place to visit in winter, it actually is a great place to walk and explore in any season. There are plenty of attractions to sightsee and a variety of activities organised to keep you warm and active. If it is snowing then why not have fun in the snow and how about building a snowman! If not, then once you are done sightseeing drop in at its cafe for a warm cup of coffee and some appetising snacks.

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