Things to do and places to visit in Central London

From cultural attractions to historical landmarks the city of London has them all. Not to mention world class restaurants, fabulous shopping, loads of activities and a vibrant nightlife scene. A visit to London can never be a mundane experience because of the sheer variety of recreational activities that could be done every day. As a result it one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet.

And it is home to the very best of hospitality in the form of the finest luxury hotels like the Paddington Suites London. Situated in the heart of the city Paddington offers great connectivity to all parts of the city and is in close proximity to the most popular attractions in the city.

A great place to stay on holiday is the Park Grand London Paddington boutique hotel known for its elegance and great hospitality while being very affordable in cost.  Just a select few of the many interesting things to do and places to visit in Central London are…

Pay a visit to Dennis Severs’ Home:  Located in Spitalfields is Dennis Severs’ classic 18th-century house that offers an interesting link to the past. Visitors are captivated as they traipse through the property and view the magnificent authentically decorated Victorian and Georgian rooms. It makes visitors feel as though the former residents of Huguenot Silk weavers have just vacated the place. A truly unique and unforgettable way to connect to London’s historic past.

Take free art tour in the National Gallery:  The National Gallery is located at famous Trafalgar Square and it offers free access to visitors. It has one of the finest collections art ranging from the mid 13th century to the 1900s and was founded in 1824. It houses more than 2300 of the finest paintings to be seen and visitors are given a free one hour tour of the place. The tours are conducted by an expert curator who shares plenty of informative and interesting information about the many paintings and their artists, on display here.

National Gallery

Get to the top of Westminster Cathedral’s bell tower: A completely distinct entity Westminster Cathedral is at times confused with Westminster Abbey unwittingly by many visitors. As a consequence it is overlooked as an attraction on many an occasion. Westminster Cathedral is the most famous Catholic place of worship in London and is home to a number of rare ecclesiastical treasures apart from its impressive viewing gallery that is 64 metres high. It offers a wonderful view of London and is an experience not to be missed.

Enjoy a classic English afternoon tea: One of the most quintessentially British traditions to enjoy while in London is its traditional English Tea. Once you are done with a tour of the city, visiting it cultural centres and finished shopping drop in at any of the fine hotels to enjoy a classic English afternoon tea. It is a delightful experience where you can sample the finest tea accompanied by a wonderful assortment of delicacies that are tantalisingly enjoyable.

Go for a swim in of the city’s famous lidos: London is home to quite a number of lidos (public places where you could swim) which date back to 1920s and ‘30s. They certainly help to compensate for the lack of proximity to the seacoast on a sunny afternoon. Apart from the numerous outdoor pools to swim most of them have some terrific cafes and facilities for kids. These lidos can be found spread all over the city.

Visit Hyde Park and its many attractions: London is a city that is famous for its many royal parks and plenty of outdoor green spaces. In fact it probably is the greenest city on the planet with a garden or park to be found almost in every area of the city. And one of its most famous royal parks is the renowned Hyde Park which vies with Central Park in the Big Apple in terms of popularity. There are plenty of attractions to be seen in the park along with a number of sport activities. If you visit the park on a Sunday then do not miss a visit to Speaker’s Corner, a spot where aspiring orators make it a point to express their opinions and share their views with the public. It is where some of the biggest names in history have pontificated and sermonised and is a tradition that started way back in 1872. If you have something on your mind and want to an audience to hear it, then Speaker’s Corner is the place to debut as a public speaker. You can talk about any subject you wish as long as you keep the language civil and avoid any profanities.

Explore the city’s waterways: Not many visitors to London are really aware that they city has a fantastic trail of hidden rivers and waterways that traverse across the entire city. A great way to see London from a different perspective is to go on a canal or waterway tour on any of the tourist ferries that ply these routes. It makes for a very sedate and laidback way to learn about the city and its vast network of waterways, while getting a view of its many prominent attractions along the route.

Get your own personalised perfume at Penhaligon’s:  London’s famous perfumer Penhaligon’s was founded in the 1860s, by William Penhaligon  a barber and perfumer to Queen Victoria. Since then it has continued with the tradition of producing the finest refined fragrances and perfumes to be found in London. Visit its branch at Covent Garden and you can reserve a perfume profiling appointment with any of its fragrance specialists or advisors as they are known. The advisor will then find one that suits your style and complements your personality. While the session if free you are sure to be tempted to buy the fragrance selected for you!

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