The ideal way to visit London like a Londoner

London is a popular destination amongst travellers from all around the world. This city makes all kind of travellers fall in love with it. Mostly all visitors like and actually do visit the city more than once. If you are the kind of traveller who is visiting London for the second time and have seen all the touristy attractions or are a first time visitor to the city but can’t fathom the idea of standing in queues to see the usual tourist attractions or are the one who wants to experience like a true Londoner then this write-up will surely interest you. Plus, it’s great for those looking for a mix of both the experiences.


When planning a trip to London that keeps you entertained day in and out, you need a comfortable and luxurious place to rest in. It will be a good idea to book a stay in central London to help you easily access of London’s best attractions and events. Staying in the heart of the city helps you get a feel of the true London vibe and the buzz it’s famous for.

Shaftesbury Hyde Park is the most ideally located hotel providing all luxurious facilities and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as it can be.

This hotel also offers Hotel Rewards Programs for frequent travellers to gain benefits and enjoy discount for a stay in the hotel and other services that it offers. It’s also a great option for Londoners who enjoy the idea of staycations.

Here’s a compilation of things you can do in London to enjoy the city like a true Londoner.

Market culture

London and its people love the culture of having weekly markets in different parts of the city. These markets have different themes like it can be a market for clothes, accessories, fresh farm produce, food, flowers, antiques and more. Some of the popular markets you can visit in the city are Borough Market, Portobello Market, Camden Market, Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market and more.


Breakfast with a view

When in London you can’t miss indulging in the classic London breakfast. Many cafes, restaurants and pubs serve delectable breakfast with an even better view. You can book a nice place like the Sky Garden of London to enjoy a nice breakfast and immerse in the beauty of the city.

Afternoon tea

Another classic tradition of the British that you can experience and enjoy with your friends and family is to indulge in the tradition of Afternoon tea. Book a nice hotel, café or restaurants that offer a selection of afternoon tea to have an authentic experience. Here you can choose from a selection of teas served in fine china and is accompanied with a delicious selection of scones, sandwiches, cakes, tarts, mousses and more delicious dessert options. It is a very classy experience that will make you experience London like a local Londoner.

tube station

Tube and Trains

The best way to become a part of London’s hustle-bustle is to travel in the trains and tubes just like local Londoners do. Commuting in the most convenient, iconic and glorious mode of transportation, travelling in tubes in trains has its own charm. It is the fastest way of travelling from one destination to another. More than the tube some iconic stations like Kings Cross station or the Paddington station will also give you a slice of London life.

Walking Tribe

Londoners love to and take a lot of pride in the city’s walking culture. You will see people walking long distances here without the slightest stress. Walking is healthy and when on foot you experience and see the city more closely. So walk the trip and enjoy London like a true and pro Londoner.

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