Ten Great Ways to Send Off the Summer

Have a pint on a Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bars are one of the most pleasant ways to drink in London. When the sun is shining or the city is sparkling you get something end up with a truly magical experience. London is so flat that the citizens rarely get to see what a beautiful city it is when you are up high. Thankfully a whole lot of wonderful new rooftop bars have sprung up to give us the opportunity to enjoy an incredible view with a drink in hand.

rooftop bars in london

Go for a Picnic in the Park

Picnicking is one of the simplest, and yet most wonderful, ways to relax in the summer. Just stop at the supermarket for a delicious and affordable spread, grab a chilled bottle of white wine, and a good book or a bunch of friends. One of the truly wonderful things about London is that there are truly incredible parks practically everywhere. For instance, in the area around the London Premier Kensington there are well over fifteen parks including Kensington Gardens and Holland Park.

Explore Kensington Park and The Royal Gardens

Go for a Swim Outdoors

There are quite a lot of great places to go for a swim in London. It is pretty brisk, even in summer, but extremely refreshing if you brave a swim. Hampstead Heath ponds and the Serpentine Lido are some of the most popular ones, but there is also a very nice new naturally conditioned pool near Heathrow.

swimming in london

Go Paddling

Kayaking has taken off in London and is a superb way to experience the Thames from an angle you may not normally experience.  There are great spots to row off from and hire kayaks at the Shadwell Basin and Surrey Docks. There are opportunities to go both night and day, a unique and wonderful exercise.

Challenge Someone to a Bout of Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a weird and wonderful sport to play with friends, but sadly something we seldom get a chance to indulge in. Lucky for you though, the English Ping Pong Association has stepped up and set up outdoor ping pong tables in parks all through London. It is a fantastic way to show your friend who the real champ is, so head out and find a table (there is a good one in Soho).

Outdoor Opera in Holland Park

Starting to know your way around Holland Park is a really worthwhile experience. There are so many excellent sports areas, children’s play facilities, a woodland area, and even a Japanese garden. It is a lovely place to go, but did you know you can also see Opera there? In a lovely outdoor stage you can see a whole range of performers, from amateur to expert, give a show to remember; a wonderful opportunity.

Stroll along the Thames

One of the best things about London is that it is so easy to walk around. Even with the traffic, there are so many paths and incredible places to walk to that there is really no excuse not to do it. The Thames especially is one of the best places to walk, on both sides of the river, because you get to see so much of what makes London spectacular. Plus there is a 184-mile of path along the river stretching east and west.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinema is a wonderful experience. Getting to enjoy a film outside of the claustrophobic confines we are used to presents a new and lovely experience. Plus, if you do it at one of the rooftop cinemas, you get an incredible view thrown into the mix.

London cinema

Float down the Canals

Taking a barge down the canal is a wonderfully English way to celebrate the summer. You can go all the way through Camden and Islington and Little Venice on the quaint old boats; a leisurely and lovely summer afternoon.

Go for a Cycle

Cycling in London

As a cyclist living in London, life has gotten a lot easier lately. The roads are quieter (believe it or not); there are more bicycle paths; and you can rent bicycles from racks on most street corners. Cycling is one of the best ways to experience the city, and it easier than ever.

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