Shhhh… Explore London’s best hidden gems

London is one of the most loved and also a popular holiday destinations for travellers from around the world. This city is super vibrant all year through, offering a variety of things to entertain all kinds of travellers in the city. Here you can indulge in its evergreen and classic attractions that are swelling with intriguing stories and facts. If standing in queues and learning about the city’s history is not what interests you, you can explore the lavish and royal parks here or the many interesting weekly markets happening all over the city. These markets are famous of their antiques, unique items, fresh farm produce, clothes, accessories and delicious street foods from all around the world.


When exploring London, you must book your accommodation in the heart of the city. Living in central part of London gives you the option to explore the city easily and feel the hustle as well as the vibe London is famous for. Central London is well connected to all other parts of London, making it an ideal location for a tourist to stay. You can book a luxury stay in the high-end hotels of Kensington in London. Here you will find the beautiful and grand Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London Hotel. This hotel provides unmatched comfort providing all modern facilities, amenities to all guests making their stay as relaxed and memorable as it can be.

If you have been to London many times and have seen all the main attractions or don’t want to queue up for attractions and instead want to explore the places which are off tourist’s list, then this blog is for you.  Here we have compiled a list of places that are the hidden gems of the city, are off-beat and something that will satisfy the traveller looking for something unique.

The Rolling Bridge Paddington

This unique bridge is marvel to see. A spectacular collection of the British designer Thomas Heatherwick, it is a beauty to watch this bridge roll-in and roll-out. Standing as regular bridge all day long, you can witness it rolling up at 12noon each Friday and forming an octagonal shape. It is stunning to see how creatively and smartly it has been made and how flawless its functioning is.

Britain’s smallest Police Station

This is one of coolest and most unique attraction in London. Surely a hidden gym, this place is hidden in Trafalgar Square. This police station was built with the idea of monitoring protests in the area back in the day and is not functional anymore, but still makes for a great attraction while you are in the area.

Brixton Windmill

Brixton Windmill, Brixton

Who would have thought that you can see an actual Windmill in the heart of the city? But London is known for its versatility and Brixton proves it yet again. This Ashby’s Mill is beautifully restored and is a beautiful sight to see in the Blenheim Gardens. This mill is a must visit for anyone looking for a unique experience in the city.

Strand Station

The most off-beat thing to do in London is to visit the Strand Station also known as the Aldwych station. This old station which is not in use now, is a great place to learn about the history of London. This station was used during the world war, book yourself this exclusive tour and discover more.

Highgate Cemetery

For the lovers of quirky and spooky attractions, this cemetery is a must visit. Beautifully maintained here you will find the burial grounds and resting place of Karl Marx and other famous people. Book yourself a tour through this cemetery to listen to great stories of this old and marvel at the flora of this place. After the tour you can enjoy a nice picnic in its park on the opposite end.

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