Seeing London from a different perspective

Seeing London from a different perspective

Once you are a Premier Club Rewards regular and therefore staying in Paddington Court Suites whenever you have a free weekend, you will eventually grow tired of the typical London tourism agenda. It’s not to say that Tower Bridge ever gets ugly, or that a Red Bus Tour to all London’s monuments is ever boring. It’s just that, with a city as energetic as London, you want to start breaking the mold and visiting its more unusual sites. By visiting London from a different perspective, a whole other city is revealed….

A bird’s eye view 

Travelers with stacks of points from their Heathrow Rewards program will be no stranger to air travel – in some ways they probably feel like locals of Heathrow Airport. So why not book a trip with The London Helicopter and get a tour of 22 of London’s iconic landmarks from the sky? This tour company has a riverside landing pad and gives short but incredible aerial trips of the city, including views of Westminster, Royal Albert Hall and the British Museum, to name just a few highlights. 

Through a pint glass

London is rich in culture and history, and not just the kind Kensington London hotel guests will learn by visiting Exhibition Road. For the beer-lovers, it is also a hubspot for small breweries and beer-making, which is perfectly encapsulated by The Bermondsey Beer Mile. The unofficial tour is a 17-pub-strong stretch of artisan breweries and taprooms which span approximately a-mile-and-a-half of streets and railway arches in South London. To start, head to Maltby Street Market. After that, you will visit Southwark Brewing, Brew By Numbers, Craft Beer Junction, The Outpost – Three Hills Brewing and more. By the time you have had a taster at each venue, you will be quite ready to head back to your hotel bed. That said, there are plenty of alcohol-free beers for those interested in the cultural experience without wanting to partake in alcohol consumption. 

Through frights and scares

If you want to learn about London unusually, The Ghost Bus Tours on offer are just what you are looking for. Tour operator in London shows you London as you know it… Or rather, how you thought you knew it. Instead of learning about the traditional history of all the landmarks, you are taught about its more macabre, ghostly past. 

On foot 

On foot

On the surface, seeing London on foot may not seem particularly unusual. But given its size, it is a bold decision – especially when there are public transport links as well as private tour operators to shorten the journey. When it comes to the Parkland Walk, though, it is impossible to see this part of London unless on a bike or by walking, making it all the more unique. The Parkland Walk is a 3.1-mile route which was once the railway line between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace. Since this line was discontinued, though, it has become completely overgrown and now a path remains. Be sure to stop and take a picture from the platforms as you get to them, which seem abnormally high up from your position on the tracks!

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