Quality quartet: 4 unmissable Instagrammable sites in London

Heading to foggy old London town? Don’t believe the naysayers, for the UK capital’s full of old-school grandeur and beauty, multicultural vibrancy, 21st Century urban hum and clutch of quality attractions that anyone and everyone around the world would be only too lucky to visit once. And, also, it’s brimming with many a sight and sound (especially a sight) that makes for optimum Instragram material.

So, armed with your phone, these are the top four areas or venues of interest that you simply must delight your online followers with an arty snap of your adventures there. After all, otherwise how will they know you really visited the place (and perhaps took advantage of one of the best hotel rewards programs around)?

Westminster Bridge

 Neal’s Yard

An alleyway that runs through London’s Covent Garden is ideal for super-saturation owing to it offering up more than an air of whimsy and olde English magic. Perhaps you’ll want to pop into a nearby cosy café with a warm cup of tea and a scone after your oh-so important snap – or perhaps you’ll want to spoil yourself and do that first! Plus, you must visit Neal’s Yard Remedies and check out its collection of natural, organic health and beauty products or, indeed, follow the whiff of quality produce and have a poke around Neal’s Yard Dairy and check out all the artisan cheeses on sale.

 Leadenhall Market

You can’t beat Victorian architecture for exquisite detail and timeless elegance – when you’re in the capital it simply must be on your snap-happy bucket list of sights to see. In which case, a hop, skip and jump from wherever you’re staying (perhaps somewhere central like, say, the Paddington Court London hotel) to Leadenhall Market in The City is a must. Home to so many wonderful bits and bobs on sale, this beautiful covered market also doubled for the fictitious but famed Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter movies. A brag-worthy photo op, for sure then.

 Westminster Bridge

One of the indefatigable icons of London, Westminster Bridge is simply impossible to resist as a location for a visitor’s photo or two. So why try to resist it? Simply embrace the tourist trap activity of snapping Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from across the river on the other side of bridge to the extent that you own the moment. How? Well, apart from capturing a terrific beautiful shot at a fine angle, truly impress your followers by pointing out that what’s often referred to as Big Ben isn’t; the tower is actually called Elizabeth Tower (and was originally named St. Stephen’s Tower). Big Ben is, in fact, the name of the iconic-sounding big old bell inside the tower, at its very top.

The London Eye

Finally, in this 21st Century Age of Instagram, nothing screams you’ve visited London than a shot that artily incorporates the appealing roundness of the giant London Eye Ferris wheel on the Southbank, which is conveniently just a couple of minutes’ walk away from Westminster Bridge. Best of all, though, of course, is that the attraction can be ridden; that is, you can take a ride in one of its egg-shaped capsules and, for a full hour, be able to get a perfect panoramic view of the whole city – ideal for yet more Instagrammable magic!

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