Premier Club Rewards: the best hotel rewards programme you’ll come across

For those who regularly travel to and stay in the UK capital, hunting down a dependable, consistent and premier hotel loyalty program is likely to be one their priorities before they set out from home. After all, when you’re busy at meetings, securing deals or whatever work you may be up to in the daytime, you’ll require a truly high-quality, even luxurious base for your stay come the evening and night-time.

So, allow us to point out to you, if we may, that among all the accommodation possibilities you’ll find in London – and all the loyalty programmes available when staying in any of them – ours really may be the very best hotel rewards program you’ll come across. And why is this? Well, we think it’s because it’s far more than just a scheme that offers visitors to our various properties with prized rewards. It’s a genuine club, to which the most frequent and so the most valued of those who stay at both the Shaftesbury and Park Grand groups of hotels in London can join and benefit from all that joining that club results in.

To be clear then; should you join Premier Club Rewards, you can make the most of your membership while staying at any of the accommodation properties that are Park Grand London Kensington; Park Grand London Paddington; Park Grand London Heathrow; Park Grand London Lancaster Gate; Park Grand Paddington Court London; Paddington Court Suites; Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington; Park Grand Paddington Rooms; Grand Royale London Hyde Park; The Metropolis London Hyde Park; Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London; Marble Arch Suites and Park Grand London Hyde Park.

What it’s all about

So, what is Premier Club Rewards really all about? Why, that would be points, of course; specifically, as a member of the club, earning and redeeming them. Don’t doubt it; the club’s simple and very easy to become a member of – and when you do, you can earn points immediately. How? By spending just, a single £1 in any of the aforementioned participating properties, a club member can earn 10 Premier Points – and any points earned can be redeemed at any time anyone stays in any of the participating properties.

And that includes, once enough points have been accumulated, redeeming them for an entirely complimentary night’s stay at any of the hotels (subject to terms and conditions). Moreover, club members are also entirely open to taking advantage of an exclusive 10-percent-off-deal of the best available rate, when they book a room at any of the properties directly through the Premier Club Rewards website. You can’t say fairer than that! But how many points do you actually need for this inducement? Well, it’ll likely vary from property to property, admittedly, but it’ll doubtless come in and somewhere in the range of between 15,000 and 40,000 Premier Points.

True; that may sound a large amount for someone new to the club – or someone thinking of taking up membership – but if you are a frequent visitor to any of the accommodation mentioned, then you’ll no doubt be surprised just how quickly you’ll clock up those Premier Points via your stays. And then, as a club member, different doors will open up to you, as it were, and you’ll quickly discover that the Premier Club Reward programme truly is your oyster!

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