Points to consider when choosing the right hotel

Travel can be tiresome and all the more when you have to travel frequently on business trips. That is why it is imperative to choose a hotel that offers luxury, comfort and the necessary amenities to have a restful stay. Thankfully business hotels nowadays have evolved considerably which makes it easier for business travellers to have a pleasant stay without having to undergo any stress or discomfort. There are a variety of hotels that one can choose from in any major city and they cater to a wide variety of business travellers.

There is a popular misconception among many travellers that staying at a hotel oriented for business travellers can be expensive. With constantly increasing competition in the hospitality industry, most luxury hotels including those catering to business travellers, offer very competitive prices along with additional perks to sweeten the deal. After all the bottom line is to earn repeat business and maximise occupancy rates. That is only possible if the guests are offered premium levels of service and the best value for money! While choosing the right place during your trip can be a bit of a challenge, there are handy tips by which you can find the best possible hotel to stay at.

London is one such city that offers a wide variety of hotels for business travellers to stay at. And most of them offer fantastic hotel rewards programs as well! The more points you accrue the more benefits you earn from free upgrades to discounts and other benefits.


A popular choice with frequent business travellers to London is the Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London that is located in the city centre with unrivalled access to the business district as well as the best attractions in the city. It makes commuting to any part of London and is close to the city’s most famous royal park, Hyde Park.

Some of the top things to look for when choosing a hotel on a business trip are as follows:

The location: Obviously the most important feature to consider is the hotel’s location. While this is a paramount to make travelling easy the fact is that booking for business travellers are mostly made based on price rather than the location of the hotel. That is why staying at the Shaftesbury hotel at Hyde Park is a major advantage because of its close proximity and excellent connectivity to other parts of London. Whether you choose to use a mode of public transport or need to hire a taxi being in the centre of the city makes it relatively easy.

Reviews and Recommendations: An effective way to select the right accommodation with confidence is to read the reviews available for the hotel of your choice at the location you plan to stay at. Choose any of the top online hotel reviews service providers for their recommendation and read the reviews by former guests at the hotel. Once you are satisfied with what you find online you could then decide to stay at an appropriate hotel.

Food options: When you return to the hotel after a busy day, having worked a long number of hours it is always assuring to know that you could enjoy a good meal back in the comfort of the hotel you stay at. The hotel should offer a wide variety of dining options to choose from. Preferably it should offer two or more in-house restaurants to be able to choose from. And also the option of room service should be available so as to be able to order a nice meal to your room, where you could relax and enjoy your food in comfort and at leisure.

Necessary facilities: There are also times when certain facilities are needed to ensure your business trip is a success. The hotel should be able to provide all the necessary business facilities that are essential to your trip. This would include necessities like a business centre that has broadband Internet access, a scanner, a copy machine etc. In short they need to have all the necessary electronic accessories that a business traveller generally needs.

Customer Service: After a long flight it generally leaves one feeling very tired, which is the symptoms of jet lag caused by flying long distances and through different time-zones. At such a time it is great to meet hotel staff that are very pleasant and courteous at the front desk who simplify the check-in process and pay attention to every need of yours. And at times when you need to be woken-up the request is handled with efficiency and promptly on time so that you get an early start. Then are other little things like having your laundry done on time, making reservations at a favourite restaurant or calling a cab. It is the little details when done thoroughly that makes quality service top class.

Transport facilities: After the location probably the next most important feature to consider is their proximity to transport links to different parts of the city. For that you must ensure that it is close to the Tube station, bus stops and a taxi rank so getting to your destination on time is a hassle free process.

Fittings and Furniture: When looking for a business hotel to stay preferably chose a place that has recently undergone refurbishment or one that is relatively new. You can be sure of getting premium facilities and amenities with basics like comfortable furniture, inexpensive or free access to Wi-Fi, Broadband connectivity, top quality appliances, a basic kitchen facility and ample work space etc. The quality of furniture and fittings should befit the ambience of the hotel.

The hotel should also offer leisure facilities like a sauna, a pool or a fitness centre, so that you could recharge after a hard day’s work!

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