Planning an exciting trip in central London

This guide will serve to guide you in your ability to navigate London in the most intelligent way you can. Getting to the city by plane is usually the standard method by which tourists come to visit. The city has more than five airports including Heathrow which is the biggest in Europe. However, travellers who live relatively close can often take the Eurostar from some destinations. Within, the city has an expansive transport network which keeps the city moving every day.

The London Underground System

The London Underground is one of the oldest transport networks in Europe. The system now stands to boast over three hundred stations all over the capital, between twelve different lines. In a city this big and busy, it is not advised to rent a car during your visit for this reason. Admittedly, there is also a lot of traffic and a limited amount of parking space. The public transport networks will do more than cover your transportation needs here.

London Underground

The amount of museums in this city is bewildering

There are more than a staggering two hundred and forty museums in London meaning you probably won’t get to visit them all during your stay. One of the world’s oldest institutions is the British Museum which is found close to Tottenham Court Road/Holborn. Entry is free and the daily opening hours are between 10am-5:30 pm except on Friday, where it’s only open till 8:30 pm.

There are numerous exhibitions throughout the week, and the museum is a similar experience to taking a trip around the world – historically speaking. For instance, the British Museum uncovers the mysteries behind the mummification process in Egypt during selected dates, displays work by German artists and looks at what changed China during the Ming Dynasty. This is probably the first museum you should visit.

We invite you to explore the city at your free will and discover places on your own too. Although, we hope that this guide allows you to get a broader picture of the city in your mind’s eye and enables you in some way to fully experience it. So book your stay at the Park Grand London Kensington and get the London Hotels discount you deserve.

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