Our Pick of the Best London Souvenirs

Our Pick of the Best London Souvenirs

As soon as your train, plane, or car pulls away from London at the end of a visit, you can rest assured that you will be taking home memories and a newfound love of traditional English tea. But what else makes a good London souvenir, and where can you find the best selection of cheap, cheerful, and high end souvenirs for different friends and family members back home?

Located just minutes from some of the top Premier Club Rewards London Hotels lies Oxford Street – an iconic shopping district which is often considered the heart of central London, and one of the best places to find a souvenir or gift either for yourself or for a loved one. Connected to both Bond Street and Regents Street, which are renowned for their designer stores and high end audience, Oxford Street boasts an array of high street brands and designated tourist shops, all within a short walking distance of some of our top hotels which include the Paddington Court Rooms, Park Grand London Lancaster Gate, and other hotels around Hyde Park.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of the top places to go for different souvenirs, and some of our top gift ideas.

Where to find the best souvenirs – and how to get there

Let’s take a journey around London, starting at one of the top hotels in our Premier Hotel Membership club – the Paddington Court Rooms Reward hotel. Located a stone’s through from Hyde Park, this hotel is super close to Oxford Street for all of the tourist goodies in that area, but also boasts close proximity to Paddington Railway Station and all of its various connections.

At Paddington station, tourists and visitors to London can immerse themselves in a Paddington store which specialises in bears and other goodies which centre around the character of Paddington himself. And if you’re a movie fan or seeking souvenirs which link to London’s Hollywood connections, not far from Paddington lies Kings Cross station with its iconic Harry Potter shop – another great place to find treats and gifts for all the different people in your life.

Heading south towards the centre of London, you will come across the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate Reward hotel, which lies on the north edge of Hyde Park and is a short walk from some of London’s best attractions including Buckingham Palace and the famous Southbank. Both of these are notably touristy places to visit with a ton of different souvenir options – including keyrings, pens, t-shirts, and so much more.

Some other top souvenir locations in London include:

  • Department stores like Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty of London, and Fortnum & Masons
  • Whittard’s Tea Shop
  • Regents Street or Bond Street
  • Camden Market

Now for a deep dive into some of the best souvenirs and take-home gifts we have seen in and around London.

The top souvenirs to mark your trip to London

Some of the best souvenirs in London can be found in your hotel – especially if you choose to stay in one of our Premier Club Rewards London Hotels, with complimentary toiletries and other goodies which you can take home with you after your stay.

Another great souvenir idea – and one of the cheapest and simplest to find – is simple photographic evidence of your trip. The more photos you can take, the easier it will be to share your experiences and memories with others, and the more you will be able to look back on those memories in the future and remember everything you did in London.

Similarly, postcards are a great and inexpensive souvenir, with different areas and attractions in London all boasting their own postcard collection. From museums and galleries to city districts, parks, and other tourist attractions, getting hold of a postcard from each place you visit will leave you with a well-rounded overview of your trip and all your experiences.

From there, we start to move towards the pricier and more high end souvenirs. London is renowned for its department stores and luxury boutiques, with each offering branded and often designer-quality goods which make perfect gifts for you and for your loved ones back home. Some great suggestions include:

  • Liberty London scarf or necktie, made using the iconic Liberty floral fabric
  • Cufflinks from one of London’s high end tailors or suit makers on Saville Row
  • A Hamleys teddy bear
  • London gin truffles or a bottle of a London brand gin or whisky
  • A map of London which ticks al of the attractions and areas you have visited as part of your stay
  • A history of London book
  • The famous bright yellow Selfridges bag, complete with branding and the black rope handles
  • Scones or something inspired by a British afternoon tea (thought this suggestion is only really ideal for those travelling locally – rest assured, a fresh scone will not stay fresh for very long if traveling internationally!)
  • A fridge magnet detailing some of your favourite attractions and sights
  • An I Love London t-shirt – the bolder the better!

Travelling to London can quickly add up. But when you join our Premier Hotel Membership club and make the most of our rewards hotels and offers, you will find that you are left with a little extra disposable income to spend on your trip. And what better way to spend that money than on a little treat to take home, for yourself or for a friend or family member?

Use this guide as inspiration for some of the best souvenir ideas in and around London – and if you’ve got more ideas to add then we’d love to hear them! 

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