Most Exciting Souvenirs To Buy in London

If there’s one thing that London is not short on, it’s souvenirs. From keyrings and ‘I Heart London’ t-shirts to crockery with the King’s face on them, postcards, and miniature models of bright red London buses, the plethora of tourist stores which surround the luxury accommodation in London mean that you are never far away from a souvenir shop.

But while all of these souvenirs are cheap and cheerful and will spark conversation wherever you go, they are not particularly exciting or indicative of authentic life in London.

In this blog, we’re sharing just a few of the souvenirs which we believe to be worthy of our Premier Club rewards customers – including those items perfect for children and adults alike.

Luxury souvenirs

If your trip to London involves visits to some of the regal palaces, 5 star hotels, and executive rooms throughout London Kensington, then this is the best place to start.

Luxury souvenirs will remind you of the refined, elegant, and memorable experiences that you have had – with some examples including a box of tea from Fortnum & Mason, some high end linen from one of the tableware and homeware stores in Chelsea, or some designer clothing from a boutique shop in Mayfair.

Another example of a high end or luxury souvenir for London tourists is flower and seeds from one of the flower markets that lines the city, or why not stop at one of the famous galleries museums for a coffee table book displaying images and information about the different exhibitions.

Playful and fun souvenirs

This is where you’ll find postcards, fridge magnets, London t-shirts, and accessories covered from top to bottom with the Union Jack. Playful souvenirs combine a Best of British theme with little gift ideas which make for the perfect take-home after your London trip – and can often be found in most tourist shops and busy hotspots across the city.

But that’s not all. Under this category of souvenirs, you will also find the toys which connect London with its most famous characters – including Paddington Bear replicas, Harry Potter merchandise, and James Bond-style accessories for tourists of all ages.

Edible souvenirs

Now for the good stuff. Edible souvenirs are among the most popular in London and across the rest of the UK, with everything from British biscuits to sweets, cakes, and the iconic stick of rock from a British coastal town.

With London the home of the traditional afternoon tea, fish and chip suppers, and more sandwiches than you could ever dream up from the comfort of your own home, tourists can revel in delicious and gimmicky souvenirs – some of the best including British gin, luxurious biscuits, boiled sweets, lollipops, and M&Ms from the flagship store in Leicester Square.

With so many souvenirs to choose from, Premier Rewards Club members will find that they are spoilt for choice on their next trip to London – with delicious, delectable, and hilarious take-home gifts and ideas for every member of the family. After all, who doesn’t want to sip British gin from an ‘I Heart London’ mug?!

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