London’s hottest offbeat nights out

When you’re staying in central London, the big question is often: what do I do with my evenings? At first glance, it seems to be all pubs and overpriced tourist spots. If you like your evening entertainment a little more off-the-wall or you’re looking to keep exploring when the day is done, we have the perfect list for you. The big sightseeing spots might be closed, but you can still spend your night getting the best experience of London that you can.

The Boat Show is, as the name suggests, a show on a boat! You can find it on The Tattershall Castle – still a boat, not a castle – moored on the Thames, every Saturday night. Enjoy a premium selection of stand-up comedy to start your night off, and then get moving as the night wears on and the dancefloor opens up! You might find it a bit difficult to maintain your sea legs after you’ve got a few drinks in you, but it’s sure to be a night to remember.

Showtime Cabaret is on at Café de Paris every Saturday evening and it’s perfect for a hen’s night, bachelor party or a fun couple’s night out. Their flirtatious shows are performed by big names in the burlesque scene, complete with glitter, feathers and raunchy fun. If you haven’t heard of burlesque – and you should have, by now – it’s a cabaret performance style that combines dancing, sometimes singing, glamorous vintage costumes and a little bit of striptease.


The Superstitious Magic Show is a West End institution after 11 years on the stage – a must for every guest of a Kensington London Hotel. Roll up to the Jermyn Theatre on the notorious date of Friday 13th November and explore the world of fears, phobias and superstitions, along with expertly-done magic tricks performed with absolute precision. At this spooky time of year, this is the place to be.

Forbidden Nights is a “seriously saucy” show that’s perfect for a girl’s night out. These talented, buff boys do a variety of titillating dance performances sure to leave you hot and bothered, as well as other hilarious antics – not to mention their big, beautiful, Moulin Rouge-esque costumes. Do yourself and the girls a favour and book your seat at DNA London now.

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For something a little less adult, the Blockbuster Film Walk leaves every Saturday from Charing Cross. Some of the most famous movies of all time were filmed in the atmospheric alleys and historic buildings of London. You’ll see locations from the Bourne films, several Bond movies, The Da Vinci Code and more, not to mention the TV series 24. The walk takes you all the way to Waterloo Station and costs just £10. Combine with a Premier Club Rewards stay for a very cost-effective London holiday.

If you’re visiting from the US and aged over 18 but below 21, you’ll be pleased to know that you can legally drink in the UK! And what better way to make the most of it than the 1 Big Night Out pub crawl? This massive bar tour takes you around some of London’s best party spots, with a few free drinks to get you started as well as free entry to the most popular bars and clubs in the city. You might not remember the end of the night, but you’ll know without a doubt that you enjoyed yourself.

Speakeasies and secret bars are a big trend in London right now, with plenty of them dotted around Soho. The Candlelight Club is a 1920s-themed soiree held at a secret location, complete with a live swing band and plenty of old-timey shenanigans. No one knows exactly what goes on – it’s up to you to find out!

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