London is a city which has something for everyone. With oodles of history, art and entertainment for every taste, older generations will always be entertained in London. The same goes for younger generations, the under 18’s have plenty of parks, playgrounds and shows to enjoy. With the inclusivity of the city being so celebrated, how does the city attract those “Generation Y’ers?” The millennials of London, those between 18 and 30 are a large part of the tourist influx to the city who are increasingly hard to please, and broad in their interests and needs. London is broad in its appeal, the Premier Club Rewards programme reflecting this in its great value deals which are suitable for all. Whilst this broadness is great, it may fog the path for millennials in terms of areas they would enjoy. Below are just a few of the London centric activities and areas which target the younger generations.



Shoreditch rests in the heart of East London and is seen as one throbbing artery in the wider context of London’s nightlife and cultural scene. With it’s urban sprawl of multiculturalism, nightlife and entertainment, Shoreditch offers visitors a heady mix of street markets, bars and galleries. For the millennials among us who are constantly on the look out for a great value day out, Shoreditch offers cheap accommodation, premier hotel loyalty programmes participants a definitive highlight. Shoreditch is also home to Brick Lane, a street with a thriving community of artists and creative. Check out the countless Bangladeshi, Indian and Jewish restaurants and takeaways in the area, whilst entertainment and shopping come in the form of Truman’s Brewery, a sprawling complex of record shops, bars, gig venues and artists galleries. With everything from Rough Trade East question and answer sessions and showcases from some of the most prolific musicians working today, to art school showcases from up and coming creatives.


This is one of the most visited parts of London, in part because of the wide range of attractions in the area which cater especially to the millennials among us. The Camden area is impressive, a network of canals, market labyrinths and row upon row of great clubs and bars, many of which are incredibly historic. This area is perfect for those who want to go for a market browse, rifling through the vintage clothes, street food and trinket selections, whilst the bars and clubs will bring nightlife options aplenty.

Spectacles on the Southbank

The Southbank is the perfect summer stop off. These banks of the Thames are rich with restaurants, events and student friendly entertainment. With low prices at the BFI and National Theatre for young people, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. With the summer season bringing the Udderbelly to the South Bank, alongside the nearby Tate Modern and London Bridge, you could spend a whole week exploring the South Bank. With secret rooftop terrace gardens above the Southbank Centre, as well as markets and street entertainment, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied.

Travelling around London

The public transport services for young people are extensive. Whether you want to cycle through the city’s cycling superhighways or use a day saver oyster card for the underground and the bus services, you’ll be able to weave through the city with no problem at all and if careful, for little money.

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