Visiting London will always require a large amount of planning due to the sheer size of the area. You may also find yourself on a time scale, with only a limited amount of time to fit in the attractions you want to see. One of the best ways to fully enjoy your stay in London and at some of its luxurious hotels such as the The Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel, is to create a plan and structure to the time you’re going to spend. This is why it is always smart to look for attractions you want to visit that are in a close proximity to each other so that you can try and visit both in the same day.

The South Bank

South Bank london

In and of itself the South Bank is a site to behold with its many resturants, bars and markets along the South side of the River Thames. Among these is Borough Market, just along from the South Bank towards London Bridgewhich has a great selection of fresh and street food. You also have the London Eye, which has 32 ovoidal capsules and is oen fot he best ways ot see London from up on high. Next to the London Eye you can also find the British Film Institute, the South Bank Centre and the National Theatre. These are all sat next to teach other and represent the top of London’s thriving arts culture.

South Kensington Museums

natural history museum

South Kensington is the tube stop you can get off at in West London where three of the finest museums in London are based. The Natural History Museum has the best in dinosaur exhibitions and fossiols. These include animatronics as well as the skeletons of many extinct animals. The Natural History Museum not only explores biology in all its shapes and sizes but the earth and its formation through geology. Just a stone’s throw away from the Natural History Museum is the Science Musuem, an accessible and family friendly museum where you can find interactive exhibitions suitable for all ages. The Victoria and Albert Museum is also located near South Kensington. Here you can find many historical artefacts and explorations of different variations of history.

Somerset House and the West End

Somerset house

Somerset House is one of the best venues to explore the art world. The Courtauld gallery has work ranging from the impressionists to the post impressionists. Notable works include that of Vincent van Gogh, Monet, Manet and Degas. The gallery has a range of exhibitions at different times of the year and the building itself is home to many different societies and companies including Kings College London. The courtyard is breath taking in its magnitude and architecture and the building itself often host live music and outdoor film screenings. Not only is Somerset House a great hub for the arts, but it is in walking distance of London’s West End. Through Covent Garden where you can find a variety of fantastic shopping and dining experiences, you can reach the West End and Leicester Square where film premieres and some of London’s best live shows take place. To spend a cultured day perusing the glitz and glamour of London, Somerset House through to the West End is beyond compare.

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