Living the Cheap Life in London

London is a pretty expensive city. Accommodation, transport, and food are well above the average in the area. Even drinking, Londoner’s favourite pastime, is a challenge for your wallet if you aren’t careful. It can all be pretty daunting, but there are ways to give your bank account a break. Some careful planning and the right information can save you a lot of money as you travel through this fantastic city. Whether you are staying cheap in a hostel or living it up in one of the Executive Rooms London Paddington, a quick look at our tips can help you save some pounds and still have an excellent holiday.

Free Comedy Evenings

A pretty great way to have a fantastic evening on the cheap is to attend a free comedy night.  There are quite a few venues around the city that give you top quality live comedy, completely free of charge. All you will have to do is pay for your drinks and a fun, laugh filled evening is yours.

comedy show in london

Santander Bikes

London has made some enormous strides to becoming a greener city. The introduction of the Congestion Charge in 2003 has massively reduced the traffic clogging the streets and, even though the place is still pretty busy, the city is much easier to deal with as a pedestrian or bicyclist. In addition to this great change in the busyness of the streets, the city has been investing heavily in bike paths that make it far easier for cyclists to get around without fear of the buses.  To top it all off, we have the Boris Bikes (officially the Santander Bikes), rows of bikes for hire that charge on £2 for 24 hours of cycling.It is easily the cheapest public transport, and also one of the most fun. It is an excellent way to get those endorphins pumping as you explore this great city.

A Day in the Parks

London parks

One of the more delightful sides to London is the vast network of parks spread throughout the city. From the tiny little parks every couple of blocks, to the huge greens and gardens filled with Londoners enjoying the rare sun. Spending a day in the park can be an exceptional way to relax and take a break after some hard travelling. Grab a book and put together a picnic from the nearest supermarket; you can get a delicious and luxurious meal for a pretty affordable price (drinks are hugely discounted when you buy from a supermarket or off-license than when you go to a pub). I would especially recommend the brand new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the always fantastic views of Hampstead Heath.

Street Markets

Street Markets

Whether you are looking for cheap and delicious food or some stylish bargain outfits, be sure to check out the nearest street market. It is easily one of the best ways to spend your money, the food is always incredible and while the other items on sale are quite variable, they are always thoroughly worth investigating. There are a lot of different markets available throughout London, but some of the most worth your time are Camden Lock Market and Greenwich Market. Make sure you give yourself several hours though; there is a lot to look at.

Free Museums

The Natural History Museum London

Fantastically for tourists, many of the best destinations in London are completely free. The British Museum, the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain, the National Gallery, The Natural History Museum; many of the world’s greatest treasures, completely free of charge.No matter your area of interest, you will be able to find an incredible museum for you in London.

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