How To Pick The Right Hotel Reward Programme For Your Needs

Not all travellers are searching for the same thing from their trip and staying in London means different things for different tourists. After all, we all have our own unique tastes and needs.

That’s why our Premier Club Rewards programme offers up a wide range of amenities to tailor your trip around you as an individual. With London-centric hotels like the Park Grand Paddington Court, the Premier Club gives you a great value choice of accommodation, promising a diverse rostrum of comfortable and simple-to-book rooms.

Hotel Rewards Hotel London

So, what is it that makes a great rewards programme? If you’re a regular traveller, what helps you save money during your trips away from home? We’ve done some research and found some of the key factors in choosing the perfect programme for your needs.

Firstly, what is a rewards programme?

The term “hotel rewards programme” can include a vast array of different offers.

Put simply, though, it is a programme which gives you bonus gifts or amenities for your long -term loyalty to a certain hotel branch or chain. Many hotel reward programmes work like café loyalty cards – the more you buy from them, the closer you’ll get to a free coffee.

Of course, in the case of a hotel reward programme, instead of a coffee, the freebie is a night’s stay.

 A free night’s stay isn’t the only bonus available from rewards prorgrammes. Many give you free meals, vouchers for local events and associated eateries, as well as exclusive offers on facilities within your accommodation.

Destination and location

One of the first aspects of a reward programme to consider is what hotels it covers.

If you are a regular traveller to a city like London, there’s no point joining a loyalty programme for a chain that mainly operates out of New York. This isn’t just for chains, but for individual hotel loyalty programmes, too. If there’s a hotel you’re always drawn back to during your work visits, then why not explore the options for their loyalty programme?

Easy upgrades

Loyalty programmes are often tiered. This simply means that the more you invest in that hotel branch or chain, the more you’ll get out of the rewards.

If your aim from joining the programme is to rise through its ranks and gain better rewards, then make sure that’s actually possible. Some not-so-great programmes out there might have you chasing the dragon so to speak, tempting you with more rewards at the expense of your bank account balance.

What rewards are right for you?

You might find that a free night’s stay may not be the reward for you. That’s why it’s so important for you to pick a loyalty programme that caters to your needs, whether that be free spa treatments or event vouchers for the city you’re staying in.

Do your research into what that the programme can offer you. Usually, the more flexible they are, the better programme it’ll be.

Simple to use

You don’t want to get bogged down with the small print.

The simplest and most straight-forward loyalty programmes are often the most honest and beneficial. If you’re unsure about the programme you’re about to invest in, make sure you ask a member of staff at your hotel branch.

Don’t forget the little guy!

Keep in mind that a larger hotel chain may not provide the right loyalty programme for you.

You may instead want to look into individual hotel branches and what they can offer you instead. Sometimes these packages are more tailored to individual customer’s needs. There’s a reason why Premier Club rewards focuses on boutique hotels!

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