How to make your first time in London worth remembering

If it’s your first time in London, then you’re going to have to consider multiple angles to make your trip great. After all, the city is huge, and that can make it overwhelming unless you have a strategy in place. For first-timers to this city, we recommend they make it easy themselves by booking a London Pass.

The service gives visitors access to a range of attractions in the city. Some are The Tower Bridge, the London Dungeon, Hampton Court Palace, and the Churchill War rooms. In actuality, there are more than 60 London attractions included with the pass, and you’ll also have the excellent benefit of ‘Fast tracking’ yourself to the front of the queues.


Considering time is of the essence, more particularly on holiday, which can be invaluable. While travelling obviously is something great, it’s fair to say that it does come with its inconveniences. From having to worry about where you’re going to go, the possibility of getting lost, and having to arrange everything.

Services like the London Pass are there to take out the stress out of your holiday. And when you consider that more and more of us are leading hectic lifestyles as it is, the last thing we want is to have is extra stress while we’re on holiday.

Since we’re already discussing the idea of alleviating stress, why not also consider booking your hotel in the central part of London? This is probably something you’ve already planned on doing, but we felt it was important to highlight how it is for an optimal holiday, which connects you to the best facets of the city.

The Hyde Park International – Member of Park Grand London – a Kensington London Hotel is found in the heart of the city, close to Hyde Park. This park has built a worldwide reputation for being a great green space that provides visitors with a beautiful place to enjoy nature. For all the sentiment that London is a hugely cosmopolitan city that’s busy all the time, it’s also the city in Europe with the largest amount of greenery.

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Other parks in central London that you also want to visit are Regents Park, St James Park, and Holland Park.

Since it will be your first time in the city, we also ideally recommend a walking tour. The New London Walking Tour is one of the many, many walking tours available in the city. It takes you on an enjoyable escapade, right from St Pauls Cathedral, taking you past the medieval street patterns, the Leadenhall building.

You can also find weekend walks from TFL for free. From shorter strolls to longer walks, London’s experienced guides can take you on a series of walks that include: Tales from the RiverBank – Waterloo to London Bridge, Hidden Alleyways and Courtyards – St Pauls to Chancery Lane, and From Pirates to World Trade – The transformation of the Thames.

Building your perspective when you’re in a new city, is the most valuable thing you could do. After all, you’ll be coming to London to entrance yourself in the culture and surroundings. However, there is a place for walking tours because they allow you to integrate information about a city that you would have never otherwise learnt.

The guides are often extremely knowledge about the history and the latest developments in the city, meaning you can often end up having a more meaningful holiday as a result. Book your stay in London this season, and make your first time here special by purchasing a London Pass, booking your stay in central, and taking a walking tour. With just these three strategies, you can ensure you have a fabulously comfortable holiday in London.

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