How to make the most out of your Hotel Rewards Program

Are you a frequent traveller? If so, it’s a really good idea to check ways to help you save cash on your travels, so that you can globetrot without the worry. Things including frequent flyer miles from airlines, and Hotel Rewards Programs can be a really great way to not only save some money but also to add a few extra perks to your trip along the way. 


There are countless benefits to joining a hotel rewards program, and our Park Grand London Kensington Reward system is up there with the very best (we may be a little biased, but hey). 


Some of the top benefits of our program include:


1. It’s easy (and instant) to ‘cash in’ on all the good stuff 


Forget waiting for long-winded points to build up. We don’t believe in waiting. In fact, you’ll enjoy advantages from the moment you sign up, and each and every time you stay at one of our fabulous hotels. 


2. Enjoy our range of special perks 


We believe a rewards program should help you feel like a VIP. So, things you’ll benefit from include late check-out times, free Wi-Fi and breakfast, and VIP treatment as standard. 


3. Access our range of hotels across London


Our offering is your gateway to a collection of fantastic hotels in London. With select locations in Central London, the West End and London Heathrow, you’ll find a great hotel wherever you stay in the capital.


Additionally, to help you get the most out of your hotel rewards program, we’ve put together some top tips for doing just that – for our program and beyond.


1. Make sure the rewards program fits your type of travelling


It seems a little obvious, but it’s a really good thing to consider if you’re thinking of signing up to one. For example, if you don’t travel to Europe very often, maybe reconsider signing up to a rewards program that only has European hotels in their portfolio. Also, think about what’s important to you from a hotel – is it things like free breakfast, parking spaces, 24/7 internet access? Make sure you ask the front desk what is included so you can determine if it’s right for you or not before parting with your details. 


2. Check how you can redeem your points and/or perks


Another seemingly obvious one, but do make sure you check with the provider how to redeem the rewards. For example, do you need to book online in order to get a discount or a late check-out? And are there specific perks for signing up that you won’t get the next time you go, as an existing member? We are always on hand to help you take full advantage of every point you earn with Premier Club Rewards, so do feel free to ask away next time you stay with us.


3. Plan a night in the hotel to make the most of your benefits


One thing that tends to get forgotten about is that lots of hotels (including ours) will dedicate a lot of time into making you feel like a VIP. However, if you don’t have any downtime to spend in the hotel, you may miss out on enjoying some of them. Things like access to exclusive VIP lounges and spas are something we offer, as well as standard things like a lovely bottle of bubbly and other treats in your room. So make sure you have a night in so that you can take advantage of them!


4. Bring your hotel rewards card to the restaurant or bar


Even if you’re not staying in the hotel, some hotel rewards programs will reward their members with points when they spend cash at their hotel restaurants or bars. We have a whole host of incredible restaurants throughout the city so do check them out, and bring your card along with you. Whether you are staying in one of our hotels for a break away or just passing through the area, our stylish restaurants and bars set the scene for a memorable experience. From casual, family-friendly dining to exclusive cocktails and carefully selected menus in our sophisticated restaurants, each Park Grand London Hotel offers something for everyone. We also can cater to a range of dietary requirements, so do check with your server before ordering if there’s anything, in particular, we can help you with, too. 


5. Don’t be afraid to cash in on your points!


 A frequent thought by members of a hotel rewards program is that you should keep saving and saving them. And whilst this is a good idea if you’re saving up for a particularly special or lengthy trip, it’s always a good idea to ‘earn and burn’ them so you don’t end up forgetting about them, and never end up actually using them. After all, once you’ve used them, you can always earn more! Redeeming points at any of our hotels are as easy as joining, and whatever you’re redeeming for, we’ll ensure your rewards are everything you’re expecting and more. Collect the requisite points and redeem them for a free night stay at our properties, and we ensure to provide the best quality of service and guest experience. Earn 10 Premier points on each 1 Pound spent in our hotels and collect enough Premier points to redeem a free night stay.


6. Make sure you fully understand what is on offer as a member


Another thing that seems stupidly obvious, but unless you know absolutely everything you can gain from joining a hotel rewards program, you’re unlikely to be able to take advantage of it all. With our hotel rewards program, there are three membership tiers – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You’ll become a Silver member the moment you join, and progress towards Platinum membership the more often you stay with us, with ever more generous benefits.


 Check out our website to see what is offered at each tier. 

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