How to enjoy the incredible sunsets in London

With the abundant range of towering skyscrapers in the city, you can find yourself lost in amazement as you witness the beautiful sunset across the city’s skyline. Of course, you’ll have to make sure you visit at the appropriate time if you want to experience such an affair. But with weather forecasts available online, you can time your holiday in London for the summer perfectly.

While the city of London has its advantages in the winter (considering the number of winter attractions) when it comes to getting the best, most scintillating views, you’ll have to visit in the spring or summer.

The Park Grand London Paddington is a wonderful accommodation set in the heart of the city. Close to dozens of attractions, you’ll also find SkyGarden, Kensington High Street, and Hyde Park – not too far from the venue. With a quick Underground journey that’s less than half an hour, you can whisk yourself to Liverpool street and enjoy views from places such as the Heron Tower and the Shard, with the latter being home to the well-renowned Sushi Samba bar and restaurant.

Sunset in London

The Paddington Suites London cater to all kinds of guests and come in a wide variety of packages, so you can easily find what serves your needs best. Splendid views aren’t, of course, the only to get a contextual understanding of a city. Documentaries, walking tours, bus tours – can also all serve that need beautifully.

But towering views are perhaps one of the most appreciated kinds of attractions. Its part of the reason why many new tower projects are being built in London, and why the London Eye, to a large extent, has become the face of London. Or why the Empire State building has become the first image that comes to mind for many when they think of New York. Or why Paris connotes images of the Eiffel Tower.

Something about humanity’s ability to engineer colossal building, can’t help but fascinate us. Experience the magnificent views in London this spring or summer season, so that you can have the most mesmerising and memorable London experience.

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