Handy tips for getting luxury hotel deals

If you find yourself travelling to London often, you ought to be making sure that you get the best possible deals that fill your days with high quality service and unrivalled luxury. The truth of the matter is that if you are going to be away from the comfort of your home, you should always aim to do it in style and make it worth the venture. Here are some handy tips on how to get the best possible luxury hotel deals in London, from ensuring you understand how to utilise the perks of The Piccadilly London West End loyalty program, to working with the point system so that you can end up with free nights in some of London’s finest hotels. Not to mention, to ensure you get all the miscellaneous perks which may seem small but make all the difference to your stay and the luxury status of it, like complimentary bar snacks or access to local calls and faxes.


Join Premier Club Rewards

There are a few things that can transform a trip to London from average to luxury, examples range from upgrading your theatre tickets to upgrading your hotel room. Luxury hotel upgrades are a hot feature of a Premier Hotel Membership, the London-hotel reward program that flips every trip into something quite special. It is free to join the reward program, so there’s really no excuse not to get involved.

The only thing required of you is to remain loyal to the hotels included in the program – which suits not just the hotel you choose as your accommodation, but also ensures that you can gather enough points that eventually you find yourself with free nights in some of London’s most luxurious hotels. Once a member, you get a wide range of benefits, the most luxurious of the lot being the ability to upgrade your room on arrival (provided there is one available), but smaller elements like free broadband still proving their worth.

Hotels included in the reward program include: Park Grand London Paddington, Park Grand Paddington Court London, Grand Royale London Hyde Park, Park Grand London Kensington, Park Grand London Hyde Park, Paddington Court Executive Rooms, Shaftesbury Hyde Park International – Member Of Park Grand London, Marble Arch Suites, The Devonshire, Park Grand London Heathrow, Park Grand London Lancaster Gate and The Piccadilly London West End.

Get to Platinum level

Part of what makes the Premier Club Rewards system so popular and worthwhile is their tiered point system, which does its best to keep to a relatively simple notion: the more you stay, the more luxurious your deal.

There are three levels: Silver is the level you enter on once joining the program, Gold is the level you reach after staying a minimum of 30 qualifying nights at any participating hotel during any consecutive 12-month period, and Platinum is the cream-of-the-crop top-tier level you reach after staying a minimum of 60 qualifying nights at any participating hotel during any consecutive 12-month period. Every level ensures added luxury to your booking, but the list gets significantly more impressive as you progress, with Platinum members getting luxurious add-ons like free wine and chocolates on arrival. So, our tip would be to set your sights on Platinum and get the bookings in the diary.

Know what you are entitled to

Nobody is going to try to trick you out of your entitlements when it comes to your loyalty program, the hotel’s major goal is customer satisfaction, after all. However, there are a lot of benefits that come with programs such as these and sometimes, elements can be forgotten if you are having a fleeting stay, or arrive on a busy check-in day.

So, our top tip is that you learn the full scope of what is included in your package, so that if something small gets accidentally overlooked – like a bottle of water on arrival, or the complimentary newspaper in your room. You don’t need to memorise the list, though, you can simply pull it up online when you arrive. Be sure to ask on arrival whether there is an option for complimentary breakfast – some hotels will offer this, while others don’t have the facilities. Naturally, this will also depend on your tier.

Enrol online

Though it is possible and relatively easy to enrol in the program at the hotel reception desk, it takes only a few minutes to do it online and this method ensures the hotel has all the information needed to make sure you get the best deals on offer as soon as possible. We understand that everyone has busy lives – especially people who are in and out of London on both business trips and weekend getaways. That is why enrolling online is a handy tip for not only saving time, but also energy. Not to mention, you earn 100 Premier Reward Points straight after enrolment.

Monitor the points you need

People all do things differently, but our tip for earning points is to save up your points to get the most luxurious hotel deals, rather than simply spending them all as soon as you reach the base-amount. So, study the following points needed for various hotels and make sure you monitor your points so that as soon as you have enough for the luxury hotel you want, you can book your free night’s stay:

A reward night at The Shaftesbury Hotels Collection (except for Marble Arch Suites, Park Grand Lancaster Gate and Park Grand London Hotels) will require 15,000 points.

A reward night at Marble Arch Suites and Park Grand London Hotels (except Park Grand Lancaster Gate) will require 20,000 points.

A reward night at Park Grand Lancaster Gate will require 40,000 points.

So, there you have it – concrete tips on how to ensure you get luxury hotel deals every time you visit the city. In simple, you need to sign up for loyalty programs, work the point-earning system to your advantage and make the most of everything offered to you until you are a seasoned luxury traveller.

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