Great Ways to Spread the Holiday Dough in London

Holidays aren’t about pinching pennies and holding back, holidays are for cutting loose and treating yourself. It is your chance to relax and pamper and enjoy life to the absolute fullest; your brief but glorious escape from life’s many worries.If you want to have a blast on holiday this summer, you’re going to need to spend some money; so where should you splurge begin?

Luxury Hotel Stay

The first step to a proper treat of a holiday is to make sure you are staying in total luxury. Waking up in comfort to delicious food is the best way to ensure a perfect day. Book yourself into a luxurious hotel like the Park Grand London Kensington with its proximity to fashionable shops like Harrods and its plentiful amenities to ensure the best stay possible.

Holiday In London

Spa Day

An excellent first step to a properly relaxing holiday is to indulge in a spa day. Massage and scrub out the stresses of work and life with a long day of luxury care. An aromatherapy massage is the best way to lift the stresses from your muscles; a skin wrap can help you feel fresh and clean; a pedicure or manicure will make you feel amazing on the outside. A holiday is all about feeling your best so book yourself into a spa and let them pamper you till you feel wonderful outside and in.

A Trip to the Theatre

Indulging in the finery and culture of a good opera or performance of classical music is something we often forget to do in our day to day lives. These performances are a powerfully good treat for your soul and it is well worth making time for them on your holiday. Remember, it’s all about giving yourself the experience you deserve so if you’re planning a trip to the Royal Albert Hall make sure you get the best seats in the house. Immerse yourself in the soaring music and feel your spirits rises with the song.

Theatre in london

A High Fashion Shopping Spree

Make sure you are staying within walking distance of the Kensington because London’s shopping is some of the finest in the world. There are few better ways to raise your spirits than by indulging in a proper shopping spree. Kensington, Belgravia, Mayfair, three incredible shopping districts surrounding a beautiful park for your midday break; it’s the ultimate location to enjoy the perfect shopping experience. Buy yourself the prefect new look and then relax in the summer sun with a glass of wine; it is heaven.

Shopping in london

Private Trip on the London Eye

What better way to enjoy London than from the sky? At night the city positively glows with light and all along the riverfront the water glistens. It’s a magical view and a perfect opportunity to indulge yourself. The London Eye offers a range of excellent private capsules, including romantic rides for two with champagne and chocolate, or even dinner with a few friends. Enjoy one of the greatest views in the world in comfort; the perfect way to treat yourself while on holiday.

London eye

Custom Outfit

What’s better than a luxury shopping spree? A bespoke luxury shopping spree! Create an incredible look that is uniquely you, designed by the finest artisans in London. Go get yourself fitted for a tailored suit on Savile Row, or maybe some custom cobbled shoes. If you’re feeling really good maybe go get your own scent made at Jo Malone. Are you fresh and woody, spicy and a little fruity? Experiment and find a smell that is totally yours.

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