Go, British, with an afternoon tea in London

The British love their tea, but is it worth taking the time on your trip to enjoy an afternoon tea break? After all that could be special about the simple act of drinking a cup of tea, and perhaps having a scone or two to go along with it? You can just easily enjoy such an experience from a local coffee shop or the comfort of your home. But no, an afternoon tea experience at the right place is a far more elegant affair than you might expect, and we imagine you’ll be delightfully surprised by just how delightful the experience can be.

The menu at an afternoon tea experience features far more variety and a whole lot of style. With a regal atmosphere and luxury furnishings, you’ll feel strangely at home at an afternoon tea spot. With the Park Grand London Paddington, guests will be privy to a restaurant and bar inside, with the prior serving an afternoon tea menu.

Afternoon Tea

With the Paddington Suites London, you don’t have to go out of your way to having a British tea experience – it’ll be available within the comforts of your accommodation. Convenience in a sense is synonymous with everything about this accommodation. So take the time to make your holiday special, by booking a package deal with an afternoon tea experience at this hotel.

If for whatever reason, you end up staying in another accommodation in London, we still feel you should do what you can to experience the unique British tea experience available in selected spots in the city. It evokes sentiments of royalty, comfort, and sophisticated living and while simple, it’s worth the experience.

Often on our holidays, we tend to oblige ourselves to only seeking the most extraordinary experiences. Perhaps we mount the tallest skyscrapers, see the most historic museums and galleries. But many of us rarely simply take the time to enjoy an intimate, sweet, humble experience.

Try out an afternoon tea in London, and become bewildered with all things British. With our selected package deals, you can experience luxury at an affordable rate.

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