Four experiences worth having in London

With the countless attractions in the city, perhaps it’s little hard to get your head around which one attraction is the most popular. Is it the Tower Bridge, or is it the London Eye? Whatever the case may be, the reality is that the answer to that question doesn’t matter as much as one might think.

After all, a great trip is built on variety. And while it may be clearer for some cities as to which attraction is indeed the most popular (Eiffel Tower for Paris for instance) a visit to Paris, based on one attraction alone is never going to surmount to a memorable holiday.

So instead of focusing on the London best attractions, we’ll be focusing on the four of the best experiences in the city. There’s plenty of advice about attractions in the city, so we thought we’d focus on activities as opposed to attractions. After all, research has pinpointed that shared experiences and activities significantly contribute more to our happiness and well-being in the long-run.

A River Thames Cruise

The first of the experiences we recommend is the River Thames Cruise. Upon visiting a new city, it’s rarely our first inclination to take a trip to a boat to the get a view of the city. That makes sense considering Skyscrapers provide towering views, higher than any boat cruise could offer.


Nevertheless, boat cruises do provide meaningful insight into a city’s architecture. Seeing things from the bottom down compared to the top down can be just as immersive, and naturally, we recommend it as the first kind of experience you enjoy.

The other attraction we recommend is the o2 Climbing Dome experience. Unlike the usual skyscraper sites, this is more of an experience. You’ll be led by a group leader, and have a harness and safety wear to ensure you’re safe as you climb upwards.

A sensational Helicopter ride

What could be more exciting than observing London from a helicopter view?  High above the ground looking down on: the River Thames, Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and the 02 arena to name a few famous and iconic places in the capital, is an experience that cannot be missed. Who says that visitors to London have to enjoy the famous landmarks on foot?

Tickets for a helicopter often enough aren’t morbidly expensive and can be bought from sites such as Groupon.

Enjoy the Royal Opera House

For those who want to soak in the culture that London provides, then a visit to The Royal Opera House is worth considering. The Royal Opera House is in Convent Garden and over the years has had many performers with famous singers and composers. The venue has a capacity for up to 2256 people and has many events on this coming month. For a nearby accommodation consider the Shaftesbury Hyde Park, a luxury accommodation which has been housing guests from all over the world across the years.

London Nightlife

Those who want to experience what London has to offer at night will not be disappointed. With a plethora of bars and clubs in the vibrant city, you’ll easily find a venue you’ll enjoy. Attracting the most stylish and trendy crowd, glamorous is the best word to describe the nights in London. If you get the chance to attend these types of bars and clubs, expect swanky décor and prestige drinks. Consider such areas like Mayfair and Chelsea for the best spots.

London Nightlife

We hope you’ll enjoy all or most of these fantastic four experiences during your time in the city of London.

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